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Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News for NBC

Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelley, and Bret Baier, Fox News Moderators

Megyn Kelly will leave Fox News later this year and move to NBC News.

Kelly was reportedly offered $20 million in annual salary to stay at Fox which would have put her compensation equal to that of Fox’s most-watched commentator Bill O’Reilly.

Megyn will be trading her weekday primetime broadcast slot on Fox for a weekday daytime show and a Sunday night show on NBC.

The nightly talk show star was reported to have been courting bids from the major networks ever since Roger Ailes left Fox News which triggered an exit clause in the contracts of all of Fox News’ hosts.

Megyn Kelly’s show reached #2 most watched on cable just behind Bill O’Reilly’s most watched show. Having the time slot just behind O’Reilly likely helped her acquire some of her massive audience, but it was her hard work and talent the retained a massive following.

Kelly’s brand, as it exists now, may struggle with NBC’s editorial bias and an unfavorable time slot. Will she re-inventing herself for the daytime audience while invoking her tough commentator style for Sunday night.

Will she re-invent herself for the daytime audience while invoking her tough commentator style for Sunday night or will she challenge the typical daytime talk show formula?

Either way, Fox News has a gaping hole in its primetime line-up.

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