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Lesson For A Slow-Learning President: Rule By Edict, Die By Edict

When a president rules by edict and intimidation and by-passes the constitutionally provided legislature, especially when that legislature is the cowardly bunch of Republicans we had in our nation’s capital during the Obama years, who allowed their fear of being called nasty names by Democrats and the press to silence them and offer no opposition to Obama’s dictatorial rule as he trashed the constitution, it means that his policies are put in place, often with constitutionally questionable means, just as he wants them to be. But it also means that as soon as the president is gone his policies can be blown away as easily and quickly as they were established. Additionally, when a president rules by edict you can bet that the laws he establishes are not appropriately thought through and are not vetted sufficiently to have any lasting value and meaning with the citizens that the laws were imposed on.

At the close of his administration, Barack Obama attempted to explain, and even seemed to wish he could take back, some of his unconstitutional actions, and he even used words that suggested his fear that his Obamacare (which was never discussed in public and was passed hurriedly by a Democrat-majority legislature without even being completely written nor read by those doing the voting) was going to be repealed as soon as Donald Trump took office. And it appears he was right about the repeal. Obama’s error was that in his complete self-absorption and self-centeredness, he assumed his policies would reign forever with the inevitable Hillary Clinton administration to follow his own eight years. But Hillary proved to be less inevitable than the arrogant Democrats thought, so Obama’s reign ended in a puff of smoke as his pen-and-phone administration headed out of Washington, with Donald Trump’s inaugural tongue-lashing of a speech echoing in their heads.

Big-shot Obama can consider it a lesson learned, though belatedly, and Republicans will neither make law the way Obama did nor repeal laws that way; Republicans will be deliberate and will include Democrats in all discussions prior to voting on the measure. Obama is just the latest in a series of rulers, throughout time and all over the world, always on the left, who rule by the fist and allow no real opposition as they move forward with their repressive and destructive agenda. Leftists must always be suspected of dealing dishonestly when it comes to the subject of power.

And on the subject of lawless, destructive power, the radical left has taken the election they lost to the streets and are, in their idiotic violence and their rejection of the vote of the majority of Americans, further alienating decent Americans from their radical cause as they attempt to fulfill Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform America”. During Obama’s term of office he made great strides to fully implement his anti-American “transformation” pledge, and now his paid rabble are destroying private and public property to extend the damage Obama did. But it ain’t gonna work! Americans oppose the destruction of the last eight years, and the more the Occupy crowd acts up, the more decent Americans will deny them legitimacy.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. We have a grand opportunity just ahead…..Let’s hope and pray that this time….We’ve learned from mistakes and don’t repeat them!!

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