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Hitlarian George Soros And His Useful Idiot Protestors!!!


Protest against the rise in gasoline prices in Mexicosoros-nazi-moveon1

That’s right. You read this headline right. While these dissenters, sore losers and celebrities trash Trump and compare him to Hitler for God knows what reason other than to associate him with something evil in their minds, it is a George Soros who is the real Hitler and they are his useful idiot Nazi followers.

For those of you not familiar with George Soros, he was born to Jewish Hungarian parents  right before WW11. When Hitler and the Nazis came to power a non Jewish Hungarian family took his family in and they passed off as non Jews. To save their skins, George and his parents turned other Jews into the Nazis and stole their belongings.  George is now 85 years old and is a muti-billionaire.  He has this dream of a world without borders and a one world government he calls the New World Order.  Soros goes around the world trying to manipulate governments to acquire his NWO. Putin has put a price on his head and wants him dead or alive for trying to manipulate his government.

In the U. S. Soros has the Clintons as an alley as Hillary, too, believes in no borders and wants a “hemispheric government” she said where Canada, the United States and Mexico are one big country.  Soros gave her two million dollars towards her campaign. Obama has even suggested that is a good way to stop terrorism. I think Angela Merkel in Germany thinks the same way which is why she is letting millions of Muslims into her country who are now destroying it. George Soros: Top 10 Reasons He Is Dangerous | Human Events

Today Soros views Trump as standing in his way of his dream of global dominance. I highly suspect that it is he who is behind all these riots and false propaganda that these younger and some older rioters are being influenced by. While they compare Trump to Hitler it is they whether they realize it or not who are more like the original Nazis as they riot in the streets, break glass windows in stores, overturn cars in the streets set them on fire and beat up people who oppose them all in the name of “Love Trumps Hate.”.They threatened the electors with death threats if they didn’t change their vote and threatened celebrities who were signed to Trump’s inaugural  with death threats if they attended just like the German Nazis did.  They are using what psychiatrists refer to as “projection” by accusing   Donald of being the very thing they are when he is the exact opposite of them  and then some. This is what Soros wants and all in his plan. https://www.usadailyinfo.com/2017/01/trump-declare-george-soros-national-security-threat/

A good buddy of mine had this to say:

They are actors playing a role.  They follow a script…..The ‘worth’ of both winners and losers is determined by the demeanor ‘after’ the contest is over…..When Obama was elected, we hurt and many of us worked to offset his lack of judgement and damaging policies, we kept advancing towards a victory. Quite a contrast to what is happening around the country with the Democrats that can only replace the pain with hate and clueless remarks…….They promote hate among the ignorant…..Giving them the added attention is drag on our forward progress.  While they disgust and anger us, we elected a leader and to follow him needs to be our response.  He is intent on giving the governing of this Great Nation back  to the people….we must concentrate on what and how we will take it and “Make America Great Again” and just maybe be an example/role model for others that they might enjoy the same Blessings as we do.

Dems love to talk about the war on women, but you can plainly see it is they who are declaring the war on women as they defeminize women at this million women march spouting the most vile, vicious, disgusting  rhetoric and displaying their breasts with obscene slogans on them all untrue statements about Trump just like the Nazis used to do.  On the liberall leftist show Saturday Night Live they portrayed Kelly Ann Conway ,a beautiful, elegant  and very smart woman who is the first woman to get a president elected as a blonde bimbo. Talk about the war on women. Geeez!!!!

Trump was magnanimous  as he usuall is in his remarks about these protests.

  1. Donald J. Trump‏@realDonaldTrump  11h11 hours agoPeaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump  13h13 hours ago

Wow, television ratings just out: 31 million people watched the Inauguration, 11 million more than the very good ratings from 4 years ago!

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump  13h13 hours ago

Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly

He is absolutely  right as always. Trump also said that eventually they will come to realize that he is president of all the people.

George Soros – Wikipedia

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