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Bernie Sanders: Democrats Plan Nationwide Resistance Against Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke with Rachel Maddow about how Democrats plan to mobilize Americans across the country in opposition to the Donald Trump agenda where it conflicts with what they believe are popular American values.

Democrats will be taking a page from Trump’s presidential campaign by hosting rallies all across the country to wind-up support for the “stop Trump” movement.

Trump is pushing an agenda that hits home with middle class working families and the Democrats plan is to fight it? No wonder these people keep losing so badly.

The good news? This will just about guarantee more congressional seat losses in the 2018 mid-terms as while their holding rallies, he’ll be talking directly to over 16 million followers:

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I heard parts of this interview….Bernie, like others wanting a single one world, one rule world is using the Democratic Party to get there…..beginning in our youth…..taking to heart a village to raise a child and general under educated adults while dispelling the need for Christianity and sober parenting. .

  2. Yes Bernie @ 7.40 min just stated There is something fundamentally wrong with the Democratic Party , boy his he correct !! Every working stiff is sick of handing out there money to all these liberal programs . Yup free college , who going to pay for this , the working stiff . Bernie’s supporters still have not realized that he has been bought and paid for , he has ran as an independent for forty years , but did not dare to run under that profile knowing but not understanding he had a following . The DNC new well he could be a spoiler and them let him in there club house , Bernie still does not realize that he was duped and was never going to get the nod from the DNC……………….. what a fool !!!

    Now He’s proud, Chuck ( Democrats ) gave him a job , he’s been bought and paid for wake up Sanders supporters . Hope he enjoys his new resort house in VT on the lake, Gee A Senator with three houses ?? just another working stiff I guess..

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