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Americans Finally Have A Non-“Racist” President

It’s refreshing to finally learn that Americans have elected a president who will not hold his tongue, nor his tweet, when attacked by a minority politician. Keeping in mind the absolute truth that to attack someone based on race, or to not attack or respond to someone based on race, are both racist acts, which has been the policy of establishment Republican politicians for years: let a black politician like Barack Obama propose and do the most outrageous things, and disobey the constitution, but don’t criticize him for these malicious actions out of fear of being called racists. But Donald Trump is a true non-racist person, and he responds to political criticism honestly whenever, and from whomever, it comes.

So recently John Lewis, a black, liberal Democrat member of the House of Representatives from Georgia’s fifth district for 29 years, made a statement on NBC in which he called Trump an illegitimate president because he believes that “hacking by Russians had helped Trump…get elected in November”. Someone had better advise Mr. Lewis that Hillary won the popular vote, so it appears that the actual outcome of any alleged hacking by Russia favored Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, who won only the more important electoral vote.

John Lewis, and most liberal Democrats, whether black or white, have for years, with justification, complained about the plight of black Americans who suffer a life of higher unemployment rates, higher than average murder rates, lower earned income rates, live in more dangerous neighborhoods and other conditions that the average American does not have to endure, but these liberal politicians have no explanation as to how this disparity exists after they have spent decades in Congress approving more welfare money each year, supporting the horrible American education system and it’s leftist, politically correct curriculum, supporting public schools and denying vouchers for minority students to attend the much better private schools, and doing nothing to prevent the high murder rates of black-on-black crimes.

Then along comes a non-politician who has promised to improve the conditions of our poorest citizens along with the conditions of our poorest and most dangerous cities, and all the likes of Mr. Lewis can do is bring up the untrue, but much repeated, Russian hacking issue and call Donald Trump an “illegitimate” president.

After years of effort and the expenditure of trillions of dollars, liberal Democrat politicians should be taking credit for completely eliminating poverty and homelessness in America. But what has actually been accomplished by the expenditure of trillions of dollars spent on this effort? Nothing! Because Democrats need the constant underclass to vote for them, and to whom politicians can dole out more cash and free cellphones and pretend to be helping, when the welfare state just feeds on itself and creates more and more poor people.

I firmly believe that Donald Trump and his insistence on fighting crime, providing more jobs and improving the living conditions in poor communities, rather than handing out more money in those communities, which only further traps poor people to a life of welfare instead of working for a living, will improve the lives of all Americans, especially the poorest among us. And that’s what frightens the professional class of politicians, like Mr. Lewis. They fear Trump’s success and the weening of the poverty class off of handouts and onto the roles of working Americans who no longer need the goodies that are used by liberal politicians to tempt them into voting for Democrats election after election, as they get poorer and poorer.

But to return to the intended subject of this piece as written in the title, after Mr. Lewis made the statement about Trump being “illegitimate”, Trump fired back with “All talk, talk, talk-no action or results. Sad!”  And it is sad that all of this nation’s efforts so far have neither eliminated nor even reduced the poverty level in the wealthiest nation in the world.

It’s so frustrating to know that the solution to poverty and high crime rates is known and has been proposed by Donald Trump, and still the liberal Democrats try to frighten their poorest and most dependent constituents into protesting the very programs that could set them free of dependence on government handouts and make them proudly financially independent of government, and in many cases, they could retire from a lifetime job as wealthy people. But this will never happen if poor people continue to listen to Democrats and reject reformists like Donald Trump.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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