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Which Is Worse: Breaching A Phony Protocol Or Breaking U.S. Law?

The evil President-elect, Donald Trump, spoke on the phone recently with the democratically elected President of Taiwan and the conversation is being savaged by the Obama administration as a serious breach of “protocol”.

But when Obama trashes the U.S. Constitution and breaks U.S. laws (open borders, forcing Obamacare on every American, etc.) the liberal, Obama-loving press just yawns and claims to not see a serious issue there. It’s kind of like the liberal press and its use of Fake News to spread lies, but instead it is simply ignored as having no news value at all, a form of un-news, perhaps.

But with the phone conversation Donald Trump had with the President of the Republic of China, Obama expresses a deep concern that Mr. Trump has upset a carefully established and critically honed balance of relations with Communist China that Obama has worked so hard to establish over his eight years as president (Obama has watched Red China militarize itself to incredible and unnecessary levels; he’s watched as China built islands in the South China Sea that threaten world trade through that heavily traveled area; he has watched silently as China devalues its money to America’s detriment; and the Chinese embarrassed Obama by not providing stairs to let him get off the plane on state visit to China. It’s hard to find any relations between America and Red China that could possibly be made worse than Obama has made them).

To quote Hillary Clinton, a bit out of context to her original use of the words, but as regards the horrible relations Obama has allowed to develop between America and Communist China, and regarding Trump’s conversation with the Taiwan president, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Trump’s conversation with Taiwan’s “ELECTED” President and other heads of States is perfectly acceptable…& actually quite smart. Those who know something about business will recognize it as the BEGINNING of NEGOTIATIONS and establishing a ‘working base’ for future meetings.

    Since 1996 (Clinton years) China has continousley encroached on all trade agreements & manipulates US currencies . They pay nothing to send us shoddy goods and we pay through the nose to ship American product to them…..This constant under cutting is costing American jobs and small manufactures their companies……Francis, does this sound ok to you?

    WE PAY (donate foreign aid) an annual amount in the millions to China’s humanitatian efforts.

    War?? China is a great sword rattler and our military is still stronger even though this past 8 years has depleted much…..China is building their fighting forces….and claiming International Water space to make man made island….even though it’s against UN instructions. Perhaps, Francis and others would find it easier to learn Chinese than to stand strong as a Sovereign Nation. They (China) are heavily invested in American businesses….Unless a hammer is dropped ….Well forget having a flag to pledge, a Constitution or any other American Freedom

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