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When “What We Are” As A Nation Is Defined By “We Know Not Who”

Obama is famous for proclaiming that “That’s not who we are” as a nation every time someone opposes one of his “Fundamental Transformation” schemes, but he in turn persecutes the Little Sisters of the Poor for practicing their long-held principle of not performing abortions. And he and his liberal pals destroy cake businesses, flower shops and restaurants for not wanting to provide services to homosexual parties. I didn’t know that part of “who we are” included destroying people for holding religious beliefs and not providing services that can be obtained elsewhere, but that’s what Obama’s nation looks like.

When a president who swore to “Fundamentally transform America” tries to define “Who we are”, I fear for what he intends for our nation to become.

Obama also seems to not have a definitive idea of exactly what kind of nation he wants us to “transform” into. For a long time he swore that Iran would never be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. But then Obama signed an agreement with Iran which allows exactly that to happen in a few years (or perhaps months, we really don’t know). And then our leader gives Iran a commercial jetliner full of billions of dollars of assorted nations’ cash, and one has to wonder at the idiocy of this fool man for not realizing that Iran will use the money to develop a nuclear weapon in the long run, and will expand terrorism with it in the near future.

It’s obvious that Barack Obama thinks we are a nation that can deny a choice of healthcare plans to working Americans, and force them, under penalty of law, to buy the more expensive government plan Obama designs for them. It’s very confusing because Obama stated at times too numerous to count, that we could keep our plans, period; and we could keep our doctors, period; and we would save $2500 a year on our healthcare costs with his ACA, period. None of these promises from the mouth of our president were true, so I guess Obama thinks we are a nation whose president can lie through his teeth, repeatedly, and still be respected by the citizens of America.

Along similar lines, Obama seems to think that we are a nation that doesn’t mind when our president breaks laws and trashes the constitution, otherwise he would not have opened our borders to every poor person in the world to enter freely, and he would not have issued the edict that forced Obamacare on us.

One should be very frightened of a president like Barack Obama, because not only does he not understand “what we are”, but he thinks he can make it up as he goes along and no law and no constitution will stand in his way.

We don’t know who Obama is or where his ideas come from, but Americans finally decided that he does not represent “what we are” and does not share our values as Americans.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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