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The Behavior Of Tyrants: Obama Does Exactly What He Criticizes Others Of Doing

Here are several examples of serious contradictions being committed by our Barack Obama:


Israel is internationally condemned for building “settlements” on their own land contrary to the desires of the rogue’s gallery of the United Nations,

Obama nationalizes millions of acres of the various states’ land contrary to the expressed wishes of those states, and of the American people.


Russia is retaliated against for “meddling in our election” (although Obama himself formerly said that there was no meddling in our latest presidential election),

Obama really does “meddle” in Israel’s election, trying to unseat our ally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Obama is a hero for unconstitutionally opening up our southern border to illegals,

Donald Trump is a demon for constitutionally planning to secure our borders against illegals.


Mitt Romney was accused by Obama of having an old fashioned, 1980s mentality when in 2012 he warned Obama of the evil intents of Russia in the 21st Century,

Obama struts like a hero when he takes “covert” measures against Russia for their alleged and unsubstantiated hacking of DNC data bases and emails during our latest presidential election, and after Obama was recorded begging his Russian pal, Putin to give him more time to get re-elected so he could work more closely with Russia on Obama’s and Putin’s secret missile removal scheme. We still don’t know what the secret agreement with Putin was all about.


Obama believes himself to be a saint for allowing the existence of sanctuary cities which protects people living illegally within our borders from deportation,

Donald Trump is called a racist for wanting to end the illegal sanctuary city travesty, and deport any persons living illegally, and often committing additional violent crimes, within our borders.


The two-faced, lying, low-life Barack Obama is always on the wrong side of history and always on the wrong side of American public opinion. His former best buddy, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is now laughing at our lame duck president for kicking a few Russian diplomats out of our country. Obama really knows how to hurt the Russian dictator with his piddling “covert” action against some Russian spies. Citizens observing the erratic, unpredictable and unprecedented behavior of Obama the last three weeks fear that our president may be going mental and is becoming unstable as the end of his term of ruler of the United States approaches.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. You said it nice and clear Dave.I too have posted a similar article,but you really nailed it concise and clearly. Obama hates America,always did and always will.I believe he relay is going mental now. Like I said in my article,this attack and accusations on Russia could lead to ww111. This is his last ditch effort to ruin this once great country of ours and purposely make it difficult for T rump.

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