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Obama to Announce Attack on Russia in Retribution for Having Lost Election

Obama continued his series of childlike tantrums and ill-thought international policy by planning to attack Russia in retribution for alleged Russian hacking of the American election that the U.S. government has yet to prove.

The Obama administration is preparing to announce, as soon as Thursday, a series of retaliation measures against Russia for meddling in the US election, according to American officials briefed on the plans.

The Russian Federation responded on Wednesday calling Obama a liar and his campaign against the Russians a “misinformation campaign:”

Frankly, we are tired of the lies about the “Russian hackers”, which continues to flow into the United States from the very top. The Obama administration has launched six months ago, this misinformation in an attempt to play up the desired for himself a candidate in the November presidential election, and not achieving the desired, looking for an excuse for their own failure, and with a vengeance is played on Russian-American relations.

Even the liberal-friendly Washington Post reported that the lack of evidence and type of attack put America’s wanna-be dictator in a bind as he tries to use an executive provision to punish Russia for what he alleges they did:

The National Security Council concluded that it would not be able to use the authority against Russian hackers because their malicious activity did not clearly fit under its terms, which require harm to critical infrastructure or the theft of commercial secrets.

“You would (a) have to be able to say that the actual electoral infrastructure, such as state databases, was critical infrastructure, and (b) that what the Russians did actually harmed it,” said the administration official. “Those are two high bars.”

At this point, Obama is starting to look more like the scam artist Jill Stein than a president. It won’t be much longer until he will only be a scam artist and a tragic, historical footnote.

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  1. “Obama to Announce Attack on Russia in Retribution for Having Lost Election”

    Way to catch the Russians off-guard by announcing a attack is coming Mr. Obama. These last few days can’t pass fast enough. JMHO

  2. Obama: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is most loved of them all?”
    Mirror: “Alas, Barrack, the people of the land say that you are no longer ‘the man”

    Obama grew angry & was filled with disbelief, he grabbed his magic pen and smashed every mirror in the land before retreating to join the thumb suckers at his favorite bath house.

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