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Obama Is Becoming Yesterday’s News

One hears that Obama, appearing more each day to be gradually becoming a bad memory, believes that Trump is not fit to deal with international relations, and that Trump’s lack of knowledge in international affairs will prove to be bad for America.

Donald Trump has been dealing with foreign personalities for decades in an attempt to make deals that will allow his companies to make profits all over the world, so I believe he knows something of dealing with foreigners. Now let’s see what Obama’s foreign experience has been: worshiping at Mosques around the world; making terrible, need I say, nearly suicidal,  deals with the Iranians; watching North Koreans develop and test nuclear devices and their delivery missiles; standing firm alongside United Nations rogue nations against America’s welfare and dominance in the world. None of these is a favorable position for Obama to be seen in, unless you hate America.

Probably the first thing Obama did when he took office was to conduct a world-wide apology tour in which he blamed America for the problems of the world, and one must not forget the return of the bust of Winston Churchill to England, which was a very un-diplomatic move, even a slap in the face, to take at our closest ally. And how about the attempt Obama made to defeat Benjamin Netanyahoo, our closest ally in the Middle East, in Mr. Netanyahoo’s latest run for Prime Minister of Israel.

And one must not forget the international embarrassment Obama subjected Netanyahoo to when he kept the Israeli Prime Minister in an outer office waiting while Obama dithered in the Oval Office, then rudely sending the Prime Minister out the back door after he had deigned to speak with him for a few minutes. But one must also realize that Obama intentionally caused these horrible international relations to occur, which is much worse than if he had made a diplomatic error by mistake. The intentional harm done to America by Obama in eight years is impossible to calculate, which leaves Trump miles ahead of Obama going in to Trump’s presidency.

Anything Trump does is light-years beyond the anti-American Obama, as made clear by Trump’s slogan of Make America Great Again, as weighed against Obama’s insulting “fundamental transformation of America”.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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