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Obama Attacks Russia Over Alleged Election Interference While Russia Brokers the Syrian Cease Fire Obama Could Not

obama_confusedObama is solely focused on making President-elect Donald Trump’s transition as rocky as possible while the Russians are replacing America in every corner of the Middle-East.

It is Moscow and not Washington that is calling the shots in the Middle East.

Reeling from its cold war defeat and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet empire, Moscow was unable to save Yugoslavia from what it termed western aggression.

But in the case of Syria, it can claim it has recovered its self-respect. In the process, it has built a brutal reputation for sticking by its friends, understanding the dynamics of the region better than America, and knowing how to use military power to forge diplomatic alliances.

The last sentence may well explain just why President Obama has had so many foreign policy failures during his tenure. He has not built a reputation for sticking by much of anyone, does not understand the dynamics of the region and is clueless in the use of military power to accomplish any goal.

He abandoned Israel by helping to author a UN resolution forcing the Jewish state to give East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, failed to understand Libyan and Syrian plays in the region and screwed the Iraqi and Afganistan operations into the ground. No one could have made a better illustration of what not to do in the Middle-East than President Obama.

Then again, no one could have made better moves in the Middle-East, shown mastery of the Arab environment and bested the US president more than Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Obama started the fire that only a strong leader like Vladimir Putin could put out and Americans know that a continuation of Obama’s policies will lead to the fall of the American story.

Perhaps now we understand why America needs Donald Trump more than ever.

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