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Just Because We Can See Through Obama Doesn’t Mean His Administration Has Been Transparent

Virtually every decision and action of Obama has been to the detriment of patriotic, middle class Americans. His zero percent interest rate served to make Wall Street richer and hurt investors in more conservative investments; his Obamacare and its astronomical deductibles and premiums has made average people poorer; his stupid “rules of engagement” have placed our military personnel at greater risk of being wounded or killed; his suit against the Little Sisters of the Poor has threatened religious liberty; his LGBT restroom decision has left many people wondering what became of common sense; his last-minute decision to allow the United Nations to dump blame on Israel for being a free nation has left Americans in doubt as to the survival of our greatest ally in the Middle East; his idiotic Iran nuke deal has Americans and Israelis fearing for a nuclear attack in the near future; his ability to cow the cowardly Republicans into giving him the money to do anything he wanted to do is dictatorial (but does not relieve the Republicans of their responsibility for many things going wrong in the Obama years); his disobeying the laws of the land and opening up our southern border to all illegals has caused many deaths from the heathens now crossing at their will and doing what they want; his support of sanctuary cities and the harboring of illegals throughout the nation has caused suffering for the very people he claims to be protecting; his begging Vladimir Putin for more time to get re-elected so Obama could give Putin what Putin was demanding as regards the removal of our missiles from Eastern Europe was bordering on treason; his constant stream of illegal EPA regulations has caused record joblessness in this formerly wealthy nation.

Thinking Americans can see right through Obama and know that his actions, all of which were in keeping with his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, have made America weaker and poorer than when he took office. But the Obama Administration’s self-described “openness” and “transparency” is a fraud of the largest degree. Obama plotted and promised what Obamacare would and would not allow behind closed doors, and then they dropped the ball and we found out that Obama was lying all along about doctors and plans and savings related to healthcare. Similarly Obama and his fraudsters are plotting with anti-American groups to undermine the American economy and give preference to China concerning the lie of warming/change, and we have no idea how far dictatorial foreigners have gotten with Obama’s pals in selling our economy and our liberties down the river.

So even though we can see right through what Obama is doing and planning for America, there is nothing “transparent” about Barack Obama’s administration and his evil intent toward America and its citizens.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave, Thank you for you contributions to CDN this past year and I’ll look forward to more in 2017. It Should be an exciting and hopefully a year of ‘good things’

    This “transparency” you speak of is rather like Bill’s “depends on what is is”. …Any real transparency is by sheer accident, We’ve lived with a street corner shell game for 8 very long years… Trump has set an aggressive agenda for his first 100….All will not be corrected in thaT time, after all it took 8 years and a degree of apathy to weave this web. Our patience will be required.

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