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Is Obama Launching A Covert Attack On Russia? Not Any More.

So our sitting president with the record of waging war longer than any other previous president, Barack Obama, who has been a war president his entire eight years in office, believes he’s an experienced military man by this time, and as our Commander in Chief, he has decided to attack Russia in retaliation for something, we’re not sure what (we can be certain it’s not for any hacking done by Russia during the last six months, because the same Commander in Chief assured us months ago that there is no evidence of any hacking by Russia related to Hillary’s or the DNC’s date bases) has decided to show Putin that he, too, is a real man and will conduct covert operations on Russia in the near future.

Our Obama is an Art of War genius who is about to spring the ultimate Fake News on Russia, by announcing that he will attack, thereby causing Putin to doubt that he will do so. The Russian generals will not be able to believe that a military commander would be so stupid (hey, it’s Obama, so of course it’s stupid) as to announce a planned attack and they will go crazy trying to work up a defense for this idiocy, and possibly they’ll work up their own offense, only they will keep it “covert”.

The left has been warning Americans of Donald Trump’s mental abilities and his emotional unpreparedness to have access to the “football”, and here is the Democrat, Obama, who we know has been mentally unbalanced for eight years, threatening war, in advance of the attack. I’ll bet Eisenhower and Bradley never thought of that military tactic.

So here we go again with Obama making the world an even less safe place just as Donald Trump is about to become president. If Obama has any luck at all, he’ll actually start an actual war, so Trump will have to become a war-time president just like his idiot predecessor was.

Maybe one of Obama’s military advisors should clue our dunce president that the word “covert” means in secret, not announced in advance. Obama probably thinks it means via the internet.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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