Finally Putting a Name To It: Global Warming Is “Fake News”

In the 1960s Paul Ehrlich wrote the book “The Population Bomb” and a whole new area of leftist radicalism was born.

Actually Ehrlich was just making sense about the dangers of increasing world population: if too little food is produced people will starve. What he didn’t allow for was the human ability to adapt and find a way to grow more food to accommodate a growing world population. The Green Revolution fixed the starvation problem, but by then radical leftists saw a way to advance their lies and sell a bill of goods to the most gullible among us.

Anyone over the age of 40 will recall Ted Danson’s PSA television spots trying to frighten everyone by telling us that within a few years (that would be by about 1985) the oceans would be dead and food would become scarce, threatening starvation around the world.

But now Mr. Danson is retired and the oceans live on in spite of his dire warnings and the continued rantings of his Hollywood-elite pals telling us how close to death and destruction the world is because Americans live comfortable, pleasant lives.

Even Obama got into the act by promising to lower the level of the oceans. But in the eight years of Mr. Obama’s fool rantings, and during this time doing nothing to lower the levels of the dangerously rising ocean, the streets of Manhattan are not awash with salt water, the beaches of Miami are dry and still available to enjoy at one’s leisure, and the rocks along Maine’s rocky shoreline are no less exposed than they were before Obama took office.

However, what has been exposed by the University of East Anglia was the scheme to frighten the world with the danger of the planet becoming overheated because people lived too well, and extreme environmentalism became a growth industry that has made environmental scientists some of the most wealthy people in the world via government grants to study this non-existing problem, and the scheme has expanded beyond anything Paul Ehrlich could dream of with his 1960s book.

Whether it’s called global warming or climate change, it’s Fake News, and the left is very good at this type of lying for cash.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This is FAKE NEWS that doesn’t deserve even that label. Are you going to back up your assertion, Mr. King? Or just politicize issues that are not political? The glaciers are melting, waters are rising, oceans are acidifying, and your children (should you have made the mistake to procreate) are going to be left to deal with mistakes brought about by the ignorance of people who dismiss climate change as a “political conspiracy.” Your commentary is irresponsible and ignorant.

      1. Doesn’t surprise me you stereotype and are 100% WRONG (my name was given to me by my grandmother and is a Christian biblical name). I’m a Christian that cares about the environment, just like Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.

  2. I would like to point out that no one has been able to offer FACTUAL evidence to contradict my argument. Name calling diverts attention. It doesn’t create an argument. Uneducated people unwilling to take the time to actually do the research but still weigh in on things they know nothing about are dangerous to democracy.

    1. YOU GO MAN !!! guess some have never heard….”better thought to be ignorant than open your mouth and prove it”…….Dave, I appreciate and “trust” your due diligence to detail. I have seen comments that indicate that the entire article either aren’t read or just skimmed over.

      I have never thought that you have to agree with everyone on everything to have respect for difference.

      IF someone disagrees, they should FACTUALLY explain why.(if the can)

      1. Well, here’s evidence from some of the smartest scientists we have:

        From NASA, that indicates climate change is influenced by human behavior: https://climate.nasa.gov/resources/global-warming/

        From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Sea levels are rising at a rapid rate: https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/sealevel.html

        From the World Resources Institute – states climate change is human caused: https://www.wri.org/our-work/topics/climate

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