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Trump expected to announce Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary

steven-mnuchin-and-louise-lintonA Film producer and former Goldman Sachs partner is expected to be nominated as the next Treasury Secretary by President-elect Donald Trump.

Steven Mnuchin functioned as Donald Trump’s campaign finance advisor and has now reportedly earned the nod as Mr. Trump’s pick for Secretary of the Treasury.

After two failed marriages, Mnuchin is now dating Scottish bombshell Louise Linton.

Steven made a fortune in banking at Goldman, much like his father did but he went on to found the film company RatPac-Dune Entertainment which backed the lucrative X-Men series and the blockbuster Avatar.

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One comment

  1. I questioned it when I learned that Mnunchin was an ‘adviser’ to Trump’s campaign due to his relationship with Goldman Sachs….when I heard this announcement I really really questioned and was disappointed in thinking his choice train had derailed…..BUT…with some new information I’m starting to see where this is coming from….Although I’m not ‘in line’…there actually are some advantages to Mnunchin…The very fact that he has a ‘big picture’ knowledge of what grows a business and keeps ‘K’ Street on a leash could well work within that goal of GDP growth. He has first hand experience to the cycle of Federal Reserves use. His ‘Hollywood” days are over played. He actually “built” a business and produced only a few HIGH quality films that featured American Heroes of our elite military groups. (all of whom have remarked on the authenticity ‘ of the productions. He understands commerce……so for now, I’ll relax (a little) and wait for results.

    My unsolved questions are on UN Ambassador Nicki Haley….I can find NO redeeming qualities that indicate she is ready for the job.

    Like the rest of you, I have opinions and have been wrong more than once in almost 80 years.

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