The Secrets of the Donkey: 1828-Present



In my previous (and breakout) article, with the election just around the corner, I felt the need to lay out a sort of “road map” of Hillary Clinton’s life, starting from her birth and ending with the several crimes she has committed in the 2010’s.

But the election has come and gone, and the American people have played their trump card–literally. With this victory, the Republican Party has finally gained control of the three most vital sections of the government: the House, the Senate, and, most recentl,y the Presidency.

However, just because we’ve cut off the last head of Hydra, that doesn’t mean the country is spontaneously saved. No, it is actually the opposite; although the Democrat Party has been in a crazed panic ever since November 9th, this also means they will be (and already have been) nonsensically flipping through every trick in their book, trying to find some way to make a semi-substantial impact on the public mindset. Make no mistake; they are still a great threat to the American way of life. For this reason, I feel the focus should widen to a much larger scale. Instead of analyzing a single person in the Party of the Donkey, the Donkey itself should be the one under scrutiny. Thus, this article serves to take away any final shreds of merit the Democrat Party might possess by uncovering the secrets they have buried for the past 188 years.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1828: The modern version of the Democrat Party is formed from the fragments of the Democratic-Republican party, with the former being politically led by the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson.

Early 1830’s: Andrew Jackson bypasses a Supreme Court veto, which would have blocked anti-trade policies with the American Indians. Jackson’s unconstitutional actions eventually lead up to the infamous Trail of Tears, of which he orchestrated. Other atrocious acts include sexually assaulting his slaves, as well as sending out soldiers to patrol and march on the streets of Boston.

1848: With the Americans winning the Mexican-American War, the Democrats–under the 11th President, James K. Polk–take control of the entire country of Mexico. Shortly after, however, the Whigs (the only major opposition to the Democrats at the time) pressure Polk into giving back a portion of the land that comprises modern-day Mexico.

1856: Senator Preston Brooks (D-SC) violently beats Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA) over an anti-slavery speech previously made by Sumner. Senator Laurence Keitt (D-SC) keeps other Senators from helping the wounded Sumner, brandishing a pistol.

1860’s: A group that has come to be known as the Ku Klux Klan is formed by Democrats following the Civil War. They will continuously terrorize blacks in the South for roughly another century after their inception.

1896: The infamous Plessy v. Ferguson case of 1896 resulted in the creation of Jim Crow laws, all of which were created to allow whites to discriminate against blacks in the South. It is worth noting that Grover Cleveland was POTUS at this time, with him being only one of two Democrats in the Republican-dominant era of the 1890s-1920s.

1915: Planned Parenthood is founded by fervent Democrat Margaret Sanger, who was also a close supporter of the KKK. In her view, abortion was to be used to eradicate races of lesser importance, or of weaker stature. Because of her ties with the KKK, she decided to use her growing abortion company against the blacks in the South, while also disguising the clinics as a reliable option for people to go and murder their unborn fetuses.

1917: Madam C. J. Walker, the first black female self-made millionaire in American history, approaches the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, about the abhorrent treatment of blacks in the South. Wilson is quick to ignore her pleas, in fact segregating a plethora of government and military organizations, such as the Departments of Treasury, the Interior, State, War, and the United States Navy.

1930’s: The 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt, introduced what is famously known as the New Deal. Despite being marketed as the solution to the Great Depression, by 1939 the horrid economical conditions of the country changed little. On top of this, the government had massive control over most aspects of the citizen’s lives, with their grip on industries such as electricity, transportation, and water.

1940-1945: Believe it or not, it is because of Hitler’s attempt to conquer the world that America was saved from economic failure. Because of Hitler’s efforts, Japan launched into action, attacking the military base on Hawaii known as Pearl Harbor. Because of this attack, FDR and the Democratically-controlled Congress had no choice but to enter the war after previously being neutral, despite it being within America’s best interests to stop Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and imperialistic Japan from the very beginning. Also, because of the attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR violates the basic human rights of Japanese and Japanese-descendant Americans, placing them in concentration camps on the West Coast of America.

Late 1940’s: The purported “Great Shift” is said to occur around this time. However, upon closer examination, one can discover that this Great Shift is a blatant lie. Of the hundreds of Democrat legislators and Governors in the country, a mere 6 switched from the Democrat party to the Republican party.

1960: Future president John F. Kennedy opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1960, which was designed to guarantee the right to vote for all legal Americans (minus those serving prison sentences), which specifically targeted Southern blacks.

1964-1965: The 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, creates a bundle of programs and legislation known as the Great Society. Similar to FDR’s New Deal, which LBJ says was the inspiration for his Great Society, it does little to actually help the economic and cultural/social situations in the country. Instead, it increased the efficiency of socialist programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and several other welfare programs.

Late 1970’s: The 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, partially instigates the inception of a new economic term–stagflation, a portmanteau of “stagnant” and “inflation”–because of his handling of the oil crisis of the 1970’s. The resulting stagflation brings about rising unemployment alongside inflation.

1998-1999: The 42th President of the United States, Bill Clinton, is impeached and nearly thrown out of office for his sexual relationships with a White House intern, then-22-year-old Monica Lewinsky. Both Bill and his wife, Hillary, silence other victims of Bill’s sexual assaults, which include Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and Gennifer Flowers, among others, which allowed the Presidential couple to only have to pay a $90,000 fine.

2008: In response to the Great Recession, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, sends out a $790 billion dollar stimulus package in a vain attempt to revitalize the economy. The Keynesian act proves to be ineffective due to households withholding the money that were given to them by the government, which results in the Recession continuing all the way to present day (November 2016), even with liberal economists saying it ended in 2009.

2010-2012: Unable to get Congress to approve, President Obama creates an unconstitutional Executive Order which grants illegal aliens a host of welfare programs, a house, a car, and many other benefits.

2012: On September 11, terrorists attack the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, killing four Americans. Hillary Clinton places the blame on an unrelated YouTube video, despite the true reason being because of her reducing security levels in the embassy.

2015: Hillary Clinton undergoes another scandal; this time, it is revealed she has sent tens of thousands of classified emails on an unsecured server. FBI Director James Comey recommends to not pursue charges, despite the overwhelming pool of evidence that says otherwise.

Present Day: In a blatantly desperate attempt to undermine the Constitution, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduces an unconstitutional bill that would “eliminate” the electoral college, despite the Constitution requiring a three-fourths majority to amend any portion of the historical document. Meanwhile, George Soros-funded rioters attack and beat Trump supporters, commit arson, loot shops and business, and commit other atrocious acts.

In bits and pieces, this information would seem relatively harmless. However, putting all of this onto a single page definitely gives the truth even more merit than it already has.

What is this truth, exactly? Why, it is the fact that the Democrats have been plotting their centralized rule ever since Thomas Jefferson and John Adams left this world in 1828.

The people have a right to know the scope of the threat posed by the Democrat Party. While the remaining brainwashed citizens won’t realize the truth for years to come, with enough effort, those of us who have seen what the Democrats can do can shake our brethren awake. We just have to push back, harder than ever.

The challenge will be something which we’ve never seen before, and while we’ve lost multiple battles against the Democrats in the past, I assure you, we will not lose the war.

Not as long as the American Dream still rests in the palm of the citizen.

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Alex Paul

A 17-year-old dual-enrolled student in the American Midwest. I work two jobs, and enjoy hobbies such as writing and photography. Have any business inquiries? Contact me at

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  1. Well, Alex, this is good to the extent you present after 1828. But it really all begins in May of 1776 – in Bavaria where Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati Order. If you look up the planks of the Illuminati (a bit difficult to do because it is supposedly so secret as to not even exist – we all know the line from the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”; “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince us he doesn’t exist.”) you will find that those planks mirror the planks of the communist manifesto. Since that set of “principles” came some 60 years before the manifesto, the truth is the Illuminati spawned the commies and Marx – if he actually wrote the manifesto actually softened the Illuminati planks.

    Karl Marx lamented the destruction of the Feudal System at the hands of the Middle Class because they separated man (ordinary men and women in the words of obama-the-lawless) from his Natural Superiors – those folk who THINK they are better than all the rest of us. Weishaupt was the founding elitist who’s intent was to destroy governments and National Sovereignty and place the WORLD under his control – him being superior and all. (There is an info-link to “who is the smartest – or dumbest president”. Ever see that? This natural superior thing is linked to IQ. Know any members of Menza International? I don’t.)

    We’ve been told over and over that the Illuminati was destroyed, that it doesn’t exist; that they were a bunch of misguided old men who disappeared in the 1790s. Well they disappeared alright; but they didn’t go away. Five times the Bavarian government attempted to destroy the Illuminati Order and 5 times they failed. Eventually the Order gained control of the government – including recruiting members of the royal family – AND the reading rooms and publishers of the country – and therefore became invisible.

    They exported their Order into other countries almost as soon as they began – including the United States. Their greatest success at the time was in France where they help launch the revolution. In fact, the central power of the Order shifted to some extent from the “German Union” as the Illuminati was then called to the “Cercle Society” of Paris. Their operatives who participated in the French Revolution were known as Jacobins.

    The Order in France exported Jacobins to the United States in the 1790s. The intent of these immigrants was to stir up a French style Violent revolution in the New Federation (of Sovereign States). They found opportunity with the Whiskey Tax and that effort became known as the Whiskey Rebellion. They sought to bring down both Washington’s and Adam’s administrations.

    But to our story, it was the Jacobins who started party politics in these United States – Washington warned us not to engage in party politics (party politics is a fundamental form of democracy – a form of government HATED by our founders). They were instrumental in forming the Democrat Club which they then translated into the first Republican Party. This party was opposed by the Federalist party – Americanists from the beginning, have had to oppose the EVIL set before them to destroy our Federation and our Freedom!
    Andrew Jackson was a member of this democrat party (its name was soon changed from Republican). So was Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. This is a hard thing for us to get our heads around, considering how both of these men contributed so much of our Republic! But the perverted LIES of the narrative we call history is controlled by the “devil who has convinced us he doesn’t exist”! The facts can be found; thru the contemporary records and long forgotten archives and old books scattered across the nation. Most Americans are too lazy to dig this out bit by bit; but rather take the “canned” history handed to us in High School! You will find that often our “heroes” were scoundrels and the vilified were actually the True Americanists; Alexander Hamilton and President Andrew Johnson were True Heroes! Senator Sumner was NOT!

    The success of the Republican – then Democrat party – the SAME democrat party of today – modernization in 1828 did not change its goals or intent ONE BIT – is due to the co-option of Higher Education (the Order came to control our Universities very early and many of our brightest stars – well known people of those days – were educated in BAVARIA by guess who…?) AND the newspapers and publisher of those days.

    So, you see. The roots of the democrat party have been VERY evil from the VERY beginning.

    If you are a little older like me and don’t have time to find all of this out on your own you now have a good shortcut; read “To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments” by Robert Welsh. It has a bibliography of very fine print over 15 pages long. Mr. Welsh spent the last 45 years compiling and writing this book – that only covers the first 100 years of our history.

    Lest anyone start to think so highly of the Republican party – think again! It was started in the early 1850s by Horace Greeley and Charles Dana – both associated with the New York Tribune and regularly published the works of Karl Marx – at the Racine WI Communist Commune! The Racine Commune was one of 50 Communes started by the American Association of Unions – itself Communist, of course. Our present day Republican Party was not named in honor of our Republic but rather in honor of the first Republican party – Started by Violent Illuminist, known as Jacobins!

    Let him who has ears hear!

    1. Yes, to be honest, I was already considering the possibility of the Democrat Party’s roots to extend even farther back. I meant for the article to only cover the Democrat Party as we know it now, however.

      Also, I already understand the Republican Party–even today–is nowhere near perfect. There’s not many politicians left who’re actively protecting the Constitution.

      Thank you for this comment. I’ll take it into consideration.

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