The American Left: Intolerant, Violent, Anti-Democratic, Terroristic

We had an election, a Republican was elected president and immediately the radical left across the country begins burning and beating because they don’t like the decision of a majority of voters. The street violence we see comes from the supposed tolerant left who love diversity and civil rights for everyone, unless the person in question is a Republican. When a vote goes against their tender, snow-flake sensibilities the left resorts to violence and destruction.

We can rest assured that the Democrat Party is behind these violent out-breaks. The Project Veritas videos proved that Hillary Clinton and the DNC staff hired thugs to generate violence at Trump campaign rallies, which included the fire-bombing of a Trump campaign office in North Carolina. Democrats are violent and intolerant people and will hurt peaceful opponents if they don’t get their way. A democracy can’t exist for long with this nasty crowd behaving like common criminals.

More evidence that the Democrats are supportive of the outbreaks is that Barack Obama has remained silent on the matter. He’d prefer to let the bad feelings boil for a while because he sees his precious legacy going up in smoke when Trump takes office. It was our peace-loving Obama who once suggested that you should take a gun to a knife fight. What loving words from our president. Obama has remained silent while his troops are creating chaos and hurting people in the streets of America, making America look more third-world all the time.

I’m proud to say that no one on the Republican side has ever introduced violence into political campaigns. Democrats believe that “elections have consequences” and that the victor should govern, if the elected person is a Democrat. But if the victor is a Republican, he’s not legitimate and must be denied office. This attitude is a denial of basic civil rights to all blacks, Asians, Hispanics and women who voted for Donald Trump to be their president. And it’s a certainty that these same people did not want a continuation of the Obama regime in the person of Hillary Clinton, who lost the election against Trump in a mini-landslide.

This intolerance is a terrible precedent to establish and the blame for it falls on the American left and the Democrat Party. His is not how a successful, prosperous nation is preserved and expanded, rather it’s how a great nation is destroyed.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. moveon.org is heavily involved in this. The media is not covering the true inciters, just whitewashing it as a liberal movement. But totally bizarre and dangerous.

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