Let California Secede And Take The Cry-Baby “I’ll Leave America If Trump Is Elected” Liberals With Them

As long as California is planning to secede from the union following Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, we can kill two birds (no violent pun intended) with one stone by sending all of the poor losers who promised to leave America anyway if Trump was elected, to the liberal mecca on the west coast, and make everyone happy. And since none of the celebrities who swore to leave will really do it (and we are learning that the route to residing in Canada is not easy, and the Canadians don’t want them anyway) and since most celebrities already live in California, we’ll make them look good by kicking them out, and good riddance.

This Calexit is the logical opposite of England’s Brexit movement which was in response to liberals overstepping their bounds and making life miserable for the majority of the British population. Calexit is liberals expressing disfavor with the election of a Republican president by throwing a childish fit, but the move would force liberals to live with the politically correct situation they’ve created in California with illegal immigrants overrunning the border to seek shelter and welfare in America, but it will no longer be in America and Americans will not have to bail the state out when it collapses on itself, becomes completely bankrupt and disintegrates.

Of course, this also means that Americans will lose a beautiful place to vacation, but I think we’ll be able to make do vacationing elsewhere.

The irony of such a situation is represented in George Clooney’s recent experience with illegal aliens. He owns a $20 million mansion on Lake Como in Italy, and his home there is just blocks from a refugee camp that the Italians have established to provide shelter for Syrians and Tunisians who are flowing into Europe from Africa and the Middle East as a result of Barack Obama’s complete failure to develop a policy to address the most pressing issues in the world, currently blowing up in that part of the globe. So poor Mr. Clooney has to put up with Illegal aliens at two locations: at his California residence, where illegals are flowing across our southern border without any limitation as a result of Clooney’s savior, Barack Obama’s, unlawful order opening our borders to all who would come, and he also has to deal with aliens at his exclusive vacation palace in Italy, which is a result of Obama withdrawing troops prematurely from Iraq and for not being sincere when he established the red line in Syria. The reality of the California secession idea is that, given California’s extremely liberal policies on immigration and supporting people who won’t or can’t work, if California does successfully leave the union, all of the illegal immigrants and other wastrels in the nation will flock to the golden state and it will become hell in a very short time.

If liberals, like George Clooney, are forced to live with the well-intended but stupid things their politicians do, and that liberals pretend to agree with and support, maybe they will begin to see the error of their ways and become Trump supporters. It’s a certainty that if California secedes, the citizens of that state will be very, very sorry in the very near future.

But if liberals are converted by reality and want back into America after seceding from the union, will we allow them back in? Good question.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I am disheartened about what is happening in California. I know to the liberals here, I would sound like a “nationalist” or just a non-progressive who should leave the state. However, I have lived here all my life. In fact, my grandchildren are 6th generation northern californians. I have watched my beautiful county of Sonoma, become over-run by folks, moving in from other states, or coming up from Los Angeles, and who bring with them their far left and “me me me” attitudes. I’ve watched as schools are over run by the childen of illegals, who immediately get put on free lunch, bus rides etc, no questions asked. I don’t blame the “illegals” for wanting to be here. Who would’nt! I do blame our government for using my tax dollars to support and enable the abuse of the ” system”. I could go on and on…Again, there seems to be no place for me in my own beloved northern California, in the sense of my point of view or opinions having any respect or validity. I’m surrounded by liberals who seem to have no critical thinking skills, or understanding of what “living within a budget” means. I do have friends who are “undocumented” who have told me how they are taught (through immigrant rights groups) how to “work the system”. Many drive brand new trucks, while collecting benefits. The women claim they have no husbands, or the father of their children are no where to be found., when they apply for welfare benefits.They get married “in the church” but not legally, so they can make those claims. The women and children collect benefits, and the men work “under the table”. Meanwhile, we have sanctuary cities and counties. Nonacademic need based scholarships are offered, no questions asked to community colleges Scholarships are offered to all the immigrant children, wherher here legally or nott, including those who were not born here. None available For my lower middle class kids, because we made just above the limit. That’s ok, but why should I pay taxes that go to the “undocumented” illegal aliens, many who’s families made more than we did, but theirs was undocumented income.
    I chose not to work outside of the home when raising my kids. My choice. I realized it was my responsibility to feed my kids, and get them to school. I could only afford to let my kids eat cafeteria lunch 1 day a week. And, as I was volunteering in the classroom, I would watch tables of hispanics getting their children signed up for free bus and lunches, (through a school paid spanish interpretor.)And why no pressure on the employers of the illegals. Winery owners who let their government “subsidize” the incomes of their workers. The wine industry of California should be held accountable for the impact on our schools, toads, court sustems and government spending of taxpayers money. Again, I could go on, but my main point is….I” just bummed by the idea that Liberal people here actually want California to leave the Nation. They speak in a “high and mighty way” with ignorance. 30% of California residents are conservative. What about us? Many of us have been here for generations. please, don’t put all Californians in the same “box”.

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