Jill Stein And George Soros Try To Overturn Election Results!!



Trump won fair and square. He lost the popular vote by a small a margin and won the electoral vote by a wide margin. If you discount all the illegals that voted he would have won by a landslide. Now Green Party candidate Jill Stein who got only 2 percent of the vote is demanding a recount in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. She said that it was necessary due to “reported hacks into voter and party databases and individual email accounts are causing many Americans to wonder if our election results are reliable.” A Wisconsin recount request was filed on Friday. Look who can’t accept the election result and will of the people and want to undermine our democracy. They say it is important to keep counting till you get the results you wanted.

However, it appears that Stein’s efforts to obtain a recount are nothing more than a scam. Here are seven reasons why that I found in an article:

  1. There is no evidence that the election results weren’t reliable. As theDaily Wirehas explained, there is nothing to suggest that the electronic voting machines were hacked. Donald Trump’s advantage over Hillary Clinton in electronic voting was a result of demographics, not a hack, and Michigan’s ballots were all paper. The entire premise for Stein’s recount is false.
  2. When Stein first announced her recount efforts, her goal was to reach $2.5 million. Now it’s $7 million. Stein has raised $5 million since Wednesday, causing the goal to rise from $2.5 million to $4.5 million to $7 million, according to National Public Radio. What caused the sudden rise in Stein’s fundraising goal?
  3. Stein’s legal costs suddenly surged. PerTownhall:

Why would her legal fees suddenly rise by that much over a short period of time?

  1. Stein can’t guarantee that the recounts will actually happen. “We cannot guarantee a recount will happen any of these states,” Stein’s website states. “We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states.”

That’s kind of an important detail.

  1. Stein’s website also states that excess money will go towards “election integrity efforts.” 

“If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform,” the website reads. What exactly that kind of reform will be was not specified by Stein, leaving the possibility open that the money will simply be funneled back to the Green Party. 

“This is Democrat party fundraising at its best because ultimately all the Greens are are Democrats with bad personal hygiene who failed economics and history,” writes RedState blogger streiff. “Stein’s fundraising appeal using a recount that is never going to happen will go down as one of the greatest bait-and-switch scams in political history.”

  1. It is highly unlikely that Stein would be able to pull off a recount in Pennsylvania. Jill Stein can’t ‘guarantee a recount’ even though she surpassed original fund

And even if Stein were to clear all those hurdles by Monday, the recount still would likely fall through, and Trump would still be president:

  1. Both the left and the right on Twitter are calling Stein’s recount efforts a scam. https://www.dailywire.com/news/11095/7-reasons-jill-steins-recount-scam-aaron-bandler

No.5 sure makes it sound like a scam saying all excess money would be funneled towards election integrity and go back to the Green Party. If I were a donor I’d ask for my money back.

As far as No.2 asking where all the money suddenly came from there is only one answer; George Soros. An investigative journalist reports donations to Jill Stein’s recount campaign are being made programmatically at a steady rate of $160,000 per hour


According to the post a donations to Jill Stein’s election recount campaign are being made at a steady rate of $160,000 on the hour every hour of the day.

The constant rate of donation, 24 hours a day, suggest that a computer program is being used to post the donations as opposed to real people making grassroots donation.

However, the donations are being reported as grassroots donations from a myriad of online supporters to help her verify the integrity of the election.

However, if real individuals are in fact making the actual donations they rate of the donations should drop over night when internet traffic is low. The rate should then steadily pick up during the course of the day up and then culminate during the “internet rush hour” when usage peaks, which is usually between 7 and 11 PM. https://100percentfedup.com/whoa-could-george-soros-be-secretly-funding-jill-steins-recount-effort-to-steal-the-presidency-from-trump/

Stein, Clinton and Soros are all globalists in favor of a one world order without borders. Soros is a multi billionaire who goes around the world trying to manipulate governments into his vision of a New World Order. Hillary has said she is in favor of a Hemispheric government so Soros manipulating this election fits right into his plan. By demanding a recount here shows that the only way democrats can win is by cheating.


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  1. This seems to be the hot topic..did you see Rich’s post? and yes it’s a scam, but perhaps also a smoke screen

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