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Considering The Leftist “I Condemn Both Sides” Line Of Illogic As A Way To Pass The Buck And Avoid Blame

Recently I heard Geraldo Rivera speaking about the rioting going on in too many cities across America, where we see Hillary’s supporters burning buildings and attacking people as they protest the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. Mr. Rivera self-righteously said “I condemn both sides” for the violence. Since there are no Donald Trump rioters burning things and beating people, I challenge Mr. Rivera’s sharing the blame equally between Democrats and Republicans.

I’m sorry to inform left-leaning folks like Mr. Rivera, but:

Republicans and conservatives don’t riot (even when the president says he will “fundamentally transform America” and then sets about doing it with vigor and determination).

Republicans don’t have illegal and unprotected email service while in official public offices.

Republicans don’t lie to the FBI and congress (and on the odd occasion that one does lie, he goes to jail).

Republicans don’t hire union thugs to beat and fire-bomb their political opponents.

Republicans don’t rig their party’s nominating process so the establishment’s favorite will win.

Republican presidents don’t have a history of raping women and don’t stain interns’ blue dresses in the Oval Office.

Republicans don’t expose national security secrets to America’s enemies via unsecure email servers.

Republicans don’t force government-selected and imposed healthcare on American citizens.

Republicans presidents don’t unconstitutionally and illegally open our national borders to all illegal aliens who want to enter.

Republican presidents don’t encourage illegal aliens to vote in national elections.

Republican presidents don’t release the worst-of-the-worst from Gitmo so they can kill again, and so he can close the entire base once he has emptied it of our sworn enemies.

Republican governors don’t release hundreds of prisoners from prison in order to get their vote, once they are released.

Republican presidents don’t try to influence our ally, Israel’s, elections in an attempt to get rid of a leader they don’t personally like.

Republicans don’t make deals with Iran that assures they will possess nuclear weapons soon, and then give them tens of billions of dollars to make sure they can make the best, most destructive nuclear weapon possible.

Republicans presidents don’t call entire city police forces “racists”.

Republican presidents don’t nationalize local city police forces for political reasons.

Republican presidents don’t invite entertainers to the White House if during their performance they Rap about their “bitches” and “hos” and encourage the killing of police officers.

Republicans presidents don’t invite racist, terroristic groups like Black Lives Matter to the White House.

Republican Secretaries of State don’t say “what difference, at this point, does it make” when answering congressional questions about her culpability in the deaths of four Americans in Libya.

Republican presidents don’t beg Vladimir Putin to give them a little more time to get re-elected so they can more easily do the things that Putin is telling them to do.

Republican presidents don’t try to “contain” terrorists, they try to kill them.

Republican presidents don’t allow their appointees to go unprosecuted when the FBI director publicly speaks for fifteen minutes listing the reasons why they should go directly to jail.

Republican presidents don’t strut about importantly, drawing “red lines” in the sand of the Middle East, and then let untold thousands of people be killed when that line is crossed.

Republican presidents don’t, prematurely, on a whim, and contrary to his military advisors’ advice and warning, withdraw troops from a war zone that has been won and pacified, and then a few months later have to put more American lives at risk by having to win the zone back again.

Republican presidents don’t promise to “fundamentally transform America”, although the newest Republican president-elect has promised to “Make America Great Again”, which is pretty much what every Republican wants to do, and I think that’s a good thing.

Most of the time when things go really bad for America it was a liberal Democrat who proposed it, planned it and/or did it, or a Democrat congress that passed the measure, and I’m sick and very tired of having Democrat apologists, more than likely a member of the supposedly neutral and impartial press, “blame both sides” for what Democrats, all alone, do.



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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Thank you, Dave.

    democrats always react badly to ANYTHING they don’t like;

    J.W. Booth, a democrat, murdered President Lincoln. In fact, J.W. Booth started the democrat tradition that has been going on for over 150 years – democrats murder people when their lives own don’t make them happy. This including every mass shooter in the last 15 or 16 years. This is because they blame everyone else but themselves for their OWN FAILURES!!

    Its pretty clear that you cannot be a home-grown terrorist unless you are a RIGHT WING home-grown terrorist. Consider LaVoy Finicum, who was gunned down, unarmed, by the Praetorian Guard and yet; where is that Guard today on the streets of Chicago, L.A. NYC. … Austin Texas? You are a Revolutionary if you are rioting in the streets against Americanism but if you stand up for Life, Liberty and the possession of Property you are a right wing terrorist!

    A spade is a spade and THIS Americanist is quite tired of the falsehoods, the lies, the deceit, the lawlessness, the Anti-Americanism.

    HRC, the criminal-bitch, who in collusion with the President of the United States, sold CIA Stinger Missiles to our enemies. To cover her TREASON she allowed ambassador Stevens and three American heroes to be over-run and slain in Benghazi because to rescue them would have put the US Military Intelligence in the middle of their evil deeds!

    Now the Mainstream Media – Goebbels-esque – propaganda machine owned by the Council on Foreign Relations says she won the popular vote – by perhaps 1.5%. That is a LIE!!!

    Considering that Soros, the sorry-ass anti-Jew, Jew, planted (who knows how many) rigged voting machines in all of the swing States that flipped who knows how many votes of the unsuspecting and how many dead people, illegal aliens, early released prisoners, and double (triple, quadruple, etc.) dippers, not only is their claim a SCURRILOUS LIE and the usual FRAUD of the press but it hides the FACT that Trump won by what might be a Landslide!! They are all pro-democracy anti-Republic and anti-Constitution; which Guarantees to the States a Republic. Yet if the truth be know, so-called democracy in this Country demonstrated they WANTS a Republic! The Liars cannot HAVE Truth. They fear the Truth. The Truth will destroy them. It has already begun and both the Criminal bitch and the obama-the-lawless are sick with PANIC!! And so are soros, david I’m-gonna-live-forever rockefeller and the entire globalist, elitist, cartel – CFR! They love Darkness because they THINK that it HIDES the Truth!

    But the Truth WON on November 8th! And look how they act.

    Now the democrats and their useless idiots seek to sway or even do away with the Electoral College, the last true vestige of our Republic and the barrier that separates us from true Democracy – mob rule!

    Think about it. Mob RULE; that which is being demonstrated to us RIGHT NOW!!

    Flash – This just in; D.C. Clothesline reports college campuses are handing out Play-doh and coloring books to all the little depress BRATS to help cope! O-M-G!!!!

    #love trumps hate is just loving the HELL out of their own city streets!

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