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Bull-Headed Opposition By Leftists Is Expected

Leftists like anarchy, chaos and are generally lawless in their behavior, kind of like the Hillary and DNC behavior in the 2016 presidential election, and they definitely will not accept a national constitution that attempts to control their behavior and assure a peaceful, prosperous society.

So one should not be surprised by the violent protests resulting from Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, and one should not be surprised by liberal city Mayors who say that they will continue to be sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. The word “sanctuary” means a place where dictators, tyrants and brownshirt troops can’t round people up and imprison or kill them at the discretion of a Communist or Nazi government. What these misguided sanctuary city Mayors are doing is keeping our government from enforcing it duly passed laws, which are not punitive laws but rather are put in place to serve the broader population in a legal and organized manner. No liberal would claim that the Obama administration was trying to get to the illegals gathered in San Francisco and harm them, and neither is Donald Trump. Nevertheless the sanctuary thing has been used throughout the Obama administration, although the meaning of the word gets lost the way liberals use it.

For the last eight years Obama has patted leftists on the head and given them everything and offered them every encouragement they wanted. Now Donald Trump has to enforce laws on these misled innocent snow flakes, deny them federal money if they continue their lying game, and even put the occasional Mayor in jail for breaking federal law, whatever it takes to convince them that they must obey duly passed laws and act like responsible citizens.

The United States is not a leftist nation, we’re a center-right nation and with the election of Donald Trump we have made our sentiments clear: we want a sharp return to law and order and we want everyone, even big-shot Democrat Mayors, to obey the law and the constitution.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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