WikiLeaks Versus The Liberal Press; Odd Political Times


The press’s understood purpose is to expose corruption, misconduct and lying in the government because the government has no competition, so we depend on the press to right any wrongs governments may commit. This plan works well as long as the administration is Republican and then every belch is reported and diagnosed by the liberal press and called corruption, which is then accompanied with statements that the Republican administration is bad and must be opposed by the public and the congress.

The problem comes about when the administration is Democrat, and especially when it is an Obama or a Clinton administration (or a Hillary Clinton campaign for the presidency). When the subject is a Democrat and some dirt becomes visible, the press dutifully reports the news and then quickly closes ranks and protects the Democrat in office.

This is what makes the WikiLeaks phenomenon so interesting: the documents they have presented are exclusively anti-Hillary, which helps Trump only so far as the press publishes the anti-Hillary documents, which they are not doing to the full extent, and in some cases they are completely burying the anti-Hillary information and keeping it from their readers and viewers.

So we have WikiLeaks taking the place of the constitutionally protected liberal press, digging up dirt on the Democrat presidential candidate, but the mainstream press is dragging its heels and not fully informing the American people of the significance of the information discovered. In ordinary times WikiLeaks would be an ally of the liberal press, but in this case they are sworn enemies.

The fact that WikiLeaks has been so successful in exposing the corruption and lying of Hillary Clinton is what caused the Clinton campaign and the press to become so totally occupied with the anti-Trump allegations of unwanted sexual attention, much of it already proven to be lies, that the Hillary people dug up as a counter measure against Donald Trump’s campaign.

The left hates it that WikiLeaks is exposing devastating things about Hillary and tipping the campaign in Trump’s favor, and the more the press downplays and ignores the anti-Hillary evidence and instead directs accusations at Trump, the more the American public understands that Hillary would be a disastrous president and that the press would make no effort to assure that a President Hillary abided by the laws and the constitution. And speaking of the constitution, the press is shredding it with their partiality toward the liberal Democrat candidate and their refusal to do their constitutional duty.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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