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Vote For A Criminal To Be President, And You’ll End Up With A Criminal Presidency

The statement above seems to me to be true on its face, but liberals who favor Hillary Clinton would probably not agree with it. Who, though, would be stupid enough to vote for a presidential candidate who has for twenty years been plagued with scandals and was recently investigated by the FBI for national security violations and for lying under oath to the FBI and the American people? And who would vote for a candidate that WikiLeaks has told us is plotting to induce a “Catholic Spring” and involuntarily “revolutionize” the Catholic Church? And who would vote for a candidate who was excused from prosecution because her husband had met with the United States Attorney General on the tarmac in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport, the week prior to the A.G. was scheduled to make her decision to prosecute or not? Liberal Democrats are the only ones thoughtless enough and power-hungry enough to make the mistake of voting for a candidate with such a dark background.

We already know that Hillary favors illegally and unconstitutionally keeping our southern border open to all who will enter, and we know that she will raise taxes on the entire nation, at a time when citizens are already scrambling for help with their low wages and their sky-rocketing healthcare costs under Obamacare.

After all, how would someone with a scandalous background and a history of telling lies, even when lying was not necessary, operate in any other way than outside the law and outside of propriety?

But it seems that “firsts” are more important to liberal Democrats that getting a good, honest president. The most spoken of “first” is that if Hillary is elected she will be the first woman president. Next she would be the first president whose spouse was president before her.  She would be the first president who had been lengthily investigated by the FBI for exposing national security secrets to the world, and this evil deed was done while serving as Secretary of State. And from what recent articles have informed us, she may be, as an added incentive, the first gay person to become president, if the nation is so unfortunate as to have the disastrous event of Hillary being elected president become a reality.

But one can only hope that Donald Trump becomes our next president, because his plans for the country seem to be more designed to succeed in restoring our national fortunes than Hillary’s more-of-the-same liberal, big-government crap.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I agree with you Dave.Very well written, but I thought Obama was supposed to be the fikst gay president.He and Rahm Emanuel used to visit the gay bath houses and he supposedly had this lover Reggie Lover as a boyfriend. There are articles that say Michelle is rea;y a he and the kids are adopted. He calls her Michael in some videos.

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