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Trump Is Skewered For Words. Hillary Is Forgiven For Criminal Acts.

After witnessing years of Hillary Clinton cheating old people of their investment in her White Water scandal; wholesale firing of the long-time White House travel agents; making an impossible $100,000 on a one-time cattle trading deal; suddenly discovering, in her White House, private FBI files that she and Bill claimed had mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again, they hoped; viciously attacking women who dared to even claim to have had romantic relations with Bill, let alone those who claimed he raped them; her declaration that as first lady she landed in Bosnia under fire from enemy snipers; traveled the world as Secretary of State, at public expense, only to produce one failure after another for American foreign relations; claimed to have had only one personal digital device, only to learn that she had up to thirteen such devices; claimed to have obeyed all federal and State Department regulations, then discovered that she broke multiple laws; to have had personal digital devices destroyed by beating them with a hammer; to have claimed she never handled nor passed on classified email messages on a non-secure server, then it was revealed that she did, multiple times; to have had emails deleted after the FBI, a court of law and congress ordered that they be preserved and protected; being investigated serially by the FBI, which investigations found many crimes had been committed by Mrs. Clinton, but she was excused from prosecution for the unbelievable reason of lack of “intent” to commit the crimes (remember the hammers?); then we discovered that the FBI had given her entire staff immunity from prosecution, and then had their computers destroyed so we could never find out what crimes the immunity covered up, I’m more than a little sick of this lying felon being held in high esteem and protected from laws that the rest of us have to obey.

But then by contrast to Hillary’s dark past, one of the most successful businessmen in the world, Donald Trump, runs for president and he’s being hung out to dry because he uttered words eleven years ago that nearly every man, and probably most women, have said at one time or another, and Republicans run for the hills and disavow him as an untouchable and horrible person.

Where in the hell is there any balance between the treatment of these two individuals? Liberals always circle the wagons and protect their own when under attack, and the liberal press helps in this protection by pretending that the deed was never committed and that the charge against their liberal colleague is old news, and that we all just need to move on and get it behind us, and the subject is silenced by the liberal press until the next liberal scandal comes along, which will be dutifully reported and then dropped.

Liberals are nasty, close-quarters fighters (Obama once publicly encouraged his supporters to bring a gun to a knife fight) who will do anything, absolutely anything, to win. Republicans think fighting and defending their own side of the argument is beneath them, and they prefer to act like gentlemen who are above it all and forget the argument and make nice. Thus they become losers.

The problem with this method of governing is that liberals continue to win and undermine the constitution and the rule of law with every such battle they convince Republicans to just forget and put behind them. The further and much more severe problem in this political season is that the Democrat candidate is pure evil, who doesn’t believe in representing the people nor protecting the constitution, she just wants to win, and with that power to socialize America, raise taxes and give favors to the international scum who, while she was Secretary of State and selling the influence she had in that position, have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the various Clinton family money-laundering foundations. When the very essence of our nation is threatened and we are at great risk, Republicans need to support their candidate and not run and bury their heads in the sand because some rough words may be exchanged in defense of America.

Donald Trump won the second presidential debate last night by taking the argument to Hillary in no uncertain terms, and the foolish people who have been elected to positions of power and influence in the House and the Senate must do some of the hard work and make the difficult decisions that they always proclaim to be best suited to make when they are running for office, and get behind Trump immediately. We are doing battle with leftist Democrats not only for ourselves and our children’s futures, but for the continuation of our nation as it was founded, under constitutional parameters.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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