The United Nations Wants Donald Trump Defeated, But Not Dictators Killing And Torturing Their Own Citizens.

Who are these United Nations characters anyway? A radical leftist organization like the United Nations should be shut down and their representatives sent home to roast in their nation’s squalor instead of living the good life in New York City at the expense of their impoverished citizens back home.

These anti-democracy, anti-America and anti-Israel puppets love Kim Jong-Un and the terrorist Mullahs of Iran, but let an American presidential candidate like Donald Trump come along who wants to rein in the excessive exuberance of  the UN and its members; and when Donald Trump makes statements contrary to the anti-American messages that Barack Obama spews each time he addresses the United Nations; and especially when Donald Trump campaigns as though he wants America to see to its own self-interests and self-defense in a hostile world, abide by its constitution and protect its own borders, they want him silenced and out of the presidential race.

My short message to the United Nations is: go to hell.

My more lengthy message for them is that if Trump is elected president they’d better be prepared for a situation where America will no longer apologize for its success and prosperity in a world filled with poverty and hunger, because we’re doing something right while poorer nations are doing everything wrong. If the members of the United Nations want the blueprint to a more comfortable and wealthy world population, they are welcome to copy the American constitution and learn America’s attitude toward freedom, liberty and individual human dignity. Many UN diplomats know that if their own citizens could choose, they would nearly all pick the United States as their place of residence, and not their nation of origin. So they should get used to the pro-American Trump and his determination to make America the great nation it once was.

If one reads a sufficient number of articles about the UN’s opinion of Donald Trump one would begin to notice that the UN’s disregard for Trump tracks perfectly with Obama’s and Hillary’s disregard for him: all three (the UN, Obama and Hillary) are leftist, liberal, anti-American entities that hate Trump for his stance in defense of America and American values.

And another odd thing that the UN and our American liberal/progressive/Democrat political leaders have in common is the notion that Trump’s words in favor of protecting American sovereignty and enhancing our national security, help the Islamic state attract volunteers to fight for their cause. Yet no liberal person or group I’ve encountered ever mentions Barack Obama’s order to kill Bin Laden as being an angering/motivating factor for militant Muslims. So the position of the UN, Obama and Hillary is that Trump’s words attract volunteers to ISIS, but Obama’s violent acts against Islamist leaders go unnoticed.

Are liberals fools or what?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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