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The Press Reports Obamacare Cost Disaster, But No Blame Attached

Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we could keep our doctor under Obamacare?

Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we could keep our old plan if we wanted to?

Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we would save $2500 a year with Obamacare?

Has the liberal press forgotten that Nancy Pelosi repeatedly emphasized the word “affordable” when touting Obamacare?

Is Hillary acting as though the sky-rocketing premium increases of Obamacare is something she regrets and is sorry that such a disaster was forced on Americans?

We all know the press remembers every word Obama promised, and Hillary is well aware of the increased costs, but the press loves Obama and would consider it racism to criticize anything this great liberal has done, and Hillary loves the idea of a single-payer healthcare system, so she is quiet on the subject and just keeps shilling for votes, and her uninformed supporters just eat up the liberal crap that comes out of her mouth.

The increases associated with Obamacare mean that many families caught in this trap will take no more vacations, will buy fewer new cars, will visit restaurants less often: in other words their lives have changed for the worse, forever, and it was Obama’s liberal government that did it. And the talk about the increased premiums is only part of a family’s costs. When you consider the heavy deductibles that will cost them thousands of dollars each year and will most likely never exceed the point at which insurance will actually pay for anything, the truth is that they don’t have insurance at all, and that they will go insurance-broke because Obama is a radical leftist who insists on dictating how people will live.

It’s unforgivable that our liberal press can’t take the side of the average family occasionally, instead of siding with the liberal political elite that they will always suck up to. The press hasn’t done their constitutionally protected jobs for a long time, but now they are practicing partisanship and taking the side of the political rulers, exactly what the constitution wanted to avoid with the second amendment, which was specifically listed to protect the press and keep them free of interference from government. Instead reporters have joined the side of the government against the citizens. So the press remains free, but the citizens are no longer free nor well informed.

Hillary must be defeated on November 8th and Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with Medical Savings Accounts along with real, nation-wide, competitive insurance offerings.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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