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If Democrats Exaggerate Benign, Legal Actions Into Crimes, How Can Their Judgement Ever Be Trusted or Believed Again?

Democrats have a problem that is a little like the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. In that tale the little boy who was supposed to protect the flock of sheep became untrustworthy because in order to get respect and get attention to the good job he thought he was doing, he falsely cried “wolf” one too many times, and after that no one believed his pleas, even when a real emergency happened and the flock was actually attacked by a wolf.

On this note, probably the most memorable words to come from the Vice Presidential debate last night between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine was the repeated attack of Tim Kaine on Donald Trump for taking a perfectly legal tax credit against future earnings on a business loss he experienced. Mr. Kaine would not let up on his charge that this allowance, which sometimes can result in paying no tax on the business’s profits for a period of years, was only done by the very rich; that it was cheating; that it allowed Mr. Trump to not support police, fire fighters, teachers or our military, which is close to the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a fool say.

It’s as though Mr. Kaine has never claimed any deductions for himself as his taxes are prepared each year. It’s as though Mr. Kaine frequently gratuitously writes checks to the U.S. Treasury from a desire to be certain of paying his own fair share and fully supporting the police, teachers, and the other public entities he thinks are going without funds.

Evidently Mr. Kaine doesn’t understand that federal taxes do not pay for local police nor the teachers in his local school. These things are paid from local or state taxes that business losses may or may not excuse one from paying (the tax form that Mr. Kaine was complaining about was Mr. Trump’s federal tax return).

One wonders if Mr. Kaine ever accepts a refund check from any taxing authority to which he is subject? I’ll bet he not only accepts tax refunds, I’ll bet he submits the proper form to request that the taxing authority send him the money. The man is a fool and a hypocrite.

There is no shortage of taxes (real estate, automobile, boat, airplane, employee taxes, sales taxes, estimated taxes, excise taxes, luxury taxes) that one pays aside from the dear and precious federal earnings tax that liberals hold to be sacred, because it’s from this tax that big government types get their greatest power. Unfortunately, there are many exemptions from this tax that big government types themselves have enacted in order to buy votes and get political donations from favored, wealthy groups of voters, yet when a political opponent of Tim Kaine or Hillary Clinton takes advantage of these very legal exemptions, Democrats berate them and abuse them and accuse them of being criminals and denying children food and shelter.

But the truth of the matter is that if fewer dollars were sent to Washington the federal government would have to let employees go, and before long the government would have to back off on its constant surveillance of every move we make and every phone call we place, and we’d soon have the freedom and liberty the constitution promises, the same freedom and liberty that make Democrats so angry when they see it being exercised by plain folks in fly-over country, or by wealthy political opponents to their leftist causes.

Democrats had better learn to tread softly and stop attacking everyone who doesn’t share their opinions, because there is a major change underway in the United States and people no longer believe the lies that Kaine, or Hillary or Obama tell, and their heyday is coming to an end.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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