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“ Free Press, Free People” At One Time Perhaps, But Not Any Longer

I happened to see the Arkansas Press Association’s logo recently in a small Arkansas publication and was struck by the meaning of the attached slogan: “Free press, Free people”. In the state of Arkansas that slogan may be true, but when considered at the national level, the phrase, although it seems logical enough, has a deeper message: that a “free press” that will report the honest and balanced news to American citizens, will lead to a “free people” as the informed citizens vote and discuss events they read about in the press. I have no doubt that at one time the American press was balanced and did report the truth as part of their constitutionally protected rights. But at this point in our nation’s history those days are long gone.

Today’s liberal press remains free to publish what they like, but they like only ultra-liberal positions, like the positions that Hillary Clinton espouses, and any positions contrary to leftist tripe gets left out. So the press no longer publishes to make Americans free, they publish to make Americans liberal drones, which means that anything Donald Trump says will be disparaged, criticized and then buried, while Hillary’s lies and criminal acts just keep on doing their damage to American liberties.

It’s too bad that the press’s constitutional “right” to print the news is not accompanied with a constitutional “duty” to faithfully report both sides of a political issue, but when you place your trust in a scoundrel to do the right thing, the scoundrel will often disappoint you, and that’s where we are with Hillary’s back-pocket press.

For example, the latest WikiLeaks exposures of Hillary’s crookedness, and the Veritas tapes exposure of Hillary’s criminal violations of law, get no coverage in the liberal press and cable news, while any unsubstantiated lie told but Donald Trump gets hours of discussion on MSNBC, CNN, etc.

The current logo for America’s press corps should be: “Liberal press, Unfree and uninformed people”.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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