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Biden Conjures a Straw Man: ‘Bill Clinton’s Past Shouldn’t Matter’

joe_biden_gunsLiberal-friendly press outlets are overplaying the Vice President’s argument that former President Bill Clinton’s past shouldn’t matter in this year’s election – and they are right – sorta.

Ah…. finally, when all else fails, the left plays one of their favorite tricks – the straw man argument.

In an interview to air Sunday, Veep Biden told Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd that slick Willy “paid a price” for his sexual assaults and that “it shouldn’t matter.”

He’s right. It doesn’t matter and it’s not what’s of concern to voters this November – the electorate is more concerned about his wife’s enabling, bullying and possibly criminal behavior around Bill’s sexual assaults, the ham-handed cover-ups and outright intimidation of the victims.

But that’s not an argument that Democrats can win so they put up this easy to push over straw man knowing that the electorate is easily distracted. Many will spend the next week arguing that Bill’s past does matter and that Joe got it all wrong.  Biden didn’t get it all wrong, but it’s not what anyone should be focused on – it’s Hillary.

Hillary is running as the first woman candidate, a feminist heroine and protector of women’s rights. Mrs. Clinton said that victims of rape should always be believed and never be intimidated into silence. You know, like those times she intimidated several of Bill’s victims into silence….

It’s easy to get sucked into the scarecrow-tipping blowhard-fest as Bill Clinton didn’t ever pay a price for several of his sexual assaults, but that’s exactly what Hillary’s backers in the media and politics need everyone to do.

While Bill’s actions are despicable and the victims didn’t conveniently appear out of thin air just weeks before the election, the outrage should be directed at Hillary who allegedly bullied the victims into silence and continually enabled his criminal behavior.

The Clintons not only directly shamed and intimidated Bill’s rape victims, they also fostered a culture of rape-shaming. In a 1997 interview, Clinton’s top advisor, James Carville dishonored himself with the infamous “trailer park” insult.

One of those who spoke for the White House was James Carville, the Clinton adviser who portrays himself as a real grass-roots kind of guy. But of Jones, Carville said: “Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find.”

There is no defending what Hillary did, so they aren’t trying anymore and Joe Biden is leading the counter-attack.

While Joe Biden is semi-correct, if not wholly insulting to victims of sexual assault, he is just trying to move the correctly-placed outrage off of Hillary and onto a target that isn’t even running for office in November.

Now we return you to the onslaught of media interviews and commentary in which they repeatedly knock over the man of straw that Biden has so deftly laid in front of them. Go get ’em tigers….

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