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Who’s In Charge Here: Hillary Or Obama?

Following Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”, with his opening of our borders, his lies about Obamacare, his giving a nuclear weapon to Iran, his pleas to Vladimir Putin to give him more time to act in Russia’s welfare, and his intimidating Republicans into silence as he controlled events and directed government and foreign affairs as he wanted them to go, his presence was seen as a danger to thinking Americans.

But Hillary, so far, is outdoing Obama because she’s not only promising to be a threat to the future of America and its citizens, she’s currently breaking laws in such rapid succession that it’s hard to keep up with them. It makes one think that not only is she perhaps the power behind Obama, who is silent while she skates free, but one wonders if she may have run the Bill Clinton administration in the 1990s as well. Her cover-ups, her perjury, her in-your-face lies, her erased emails are all blatantly illegal acts, performed at a time when she is vying for the Oval office herself, and it raises the question of who is really in charge of our government: the Clintons or Obama?

Someone at the top is blocking the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s string of illegal and improper acts, but how is it that the FBI and the Department of Justice are protecting her? This corruption of the FBI with its reputation of being above politics and therefore incorruptible, would have been unthinkable six months ago, but now we have seen investigations gather mountains of data against Hillary and not prosecute; we’ve seen intimidating evidence of Hillary disobeying a court order to retain all emails, that her staff erased in spite of the order; we’ve seen proof brought forward that she lied to congress under oath, and the FBI let all these things float with scant attention.

Does Hillary have something on Obama that allows her to keep him in line, or is he just protecting her in order to assure her serving his third term in office? How did the Obama-Hillary destruction crew get FBI director James Comey, who was formerly considered to be honest and thorough, to halt the investigation of Hillary and call off the DOJ? We’ve all seem articles discussing the deaths of many of  Bill’s and Hillary’s  close friends and wondering why these friends and associates met early deaths out of all proportion to what normal people experience in their lives, and they all had the Clinton pair in common. It makes one wonder if Comey was threatened with his personal and family safety if he didn’t toe the Clinton/Obama line.

If we were frightened of an Obama presidency, which at least he approached legally and without suspicion that he was committing crimes along the way, it’s hard to imagine how corrupt a Hillary administration would be, and she would be able to crush and silence any investigation  that threatened to expose her and her criminal tendencies.

There are some very dark storm clouds forming over America, and our laid-back population ignores the threat they present at their own risk and the risk of their children. There is something evil lurking in our nation’s Capitol, and it’s not an overstatement to say that our Constitution and our liberties depend on Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in our next election.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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