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Presidential Debates: Obama Was An Empty Chair, Hillary Is An Empty Pant Suit

Who can forget Clint Eastwood debating an imaginary Obama in an empty chair? And who can erase from their mind the image of candidate Hillary invariably appearing in a dumpy pant suit, and more often than not with her hair greasy, matted and unwashed. Who advises this woman on her personal hygiene anyway, and why does she even need an advisor to make herself presentable?

The empty chair of Obama was four years ago, but the empty pant suit and greasy hair of Hillary are today, and America’s tomorrows depend on Donald Trump winning the upcoming debates and being elected president and ending the unconstitutional spending and illegal immigration and crony capitalism that is eating our nation alive, so we need him to prevail in the first debate, to be held Monday evening.

The liberal press is probably as upset as Clinton herself  (“why am I not 50 points ahead..,” she screamed in a union ad) with Trump being equal to her or out-pacing her in opinion polling for a race that was assured to dump Trump on the ash heap of history, but is instead proving to have attracted Americans of all political stripes to Donald Trump’s anti-establishment, pro-American cause, and promises to upset the way the news and the nation’s politics are performed for years to come.

Liberals still don’t know what hit them, but they do know that the liberal press and liberal cable networks are suffering, and the leftist opinions of these old liberal establishments are being rejected and discarded by viewers before their very eyes. Hillary’s lament at not leading Trump by at least 50 points in the polling is an example of how suddenly the falsity of liberalism is being dashed by the reality of Americans’ concern for their nation and the prosperity and security of their families as they watch the witless Obama give away the store of American greatness and threaten the destruction of all we hold dear.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It’s the medication, my dear…..The best (worst) is yet to come. Maybe she’ll copy Michaell and do a TV show in skin tight pants

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