Polls: NC could be turning blue for 2016

In recent weeks, polls had showed Trump making significant headway in the tarheel state, but a recent poll may indicate a trend reversal.

A CBS/YouGov poll of 1,088 likely voters shows Trump losing his temporary hold on North Carolina by a 4-point margin which increases Clinton’s lead over Trump in the same poll published  June 24th where Hillary had only a 2-point advantage.RCP NC polling data

Looking at the overall trend within the same polls, CDN has decided to return North Carolina to “toss-up” status from a shortly held “leans GOP.”

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The poll asked respondents why they were voting for the candidate they chose and the news isn’t great for either candidate.

CBS-YouGov poll NC likely voters 9-4-16

If the numbers are evaluated purely on the “for vs. against”, Trump scores 51% of voters are voting for him while 49% are voting against Hillary. Hillary’s numbers would be 64% voting for her, while only 36% are voting to oppose Trump.

Tearing the numbers apart further reveals a more-important fact. 39% are voting for Trump because they like him, only 37% of Hillary voters are doing so for the same reason. The rest are either out of party loyalty or as a rebellion vote against Trump. Those voters are less motivated to show up on election day.

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