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Obama’s Failed Economy Leaves Many Poor Blacks With Only One Excuse To Get Out Of Bed And Do Something: Rioting For Any Reason

The failed Obama administration and it’s absolute inability to ignite an economy that would create jobs, along with Obama’s massive immigration effort that finds illegal aliens taking jobs that Americans could use, has been the source of the new normal of rioting during the last year. Instead of holding jobs that allow people to feel pride in accomplishment and envision economic success in their future, many young black men are taking up rioting as their new profession. Add to this mix Obama’s silence when the police are involved in the shootings of young black men, a silence that encourages people already excited and emotionally involved, to take to the streets and destroy. All past presidents have urged patience in the face of uncertain public happenings, asking the population to await the professional processing of evidence and investigation before taking to the streets and venting their anger and frustration, but Obama’s silence encourages violent reaction which results in deaths and property destruction.

And it must be added that Obama’s repeated references to police brutality and his constant refrain of racism in America don’t help the situation.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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