Hillary Faints At 9/11 Memorial!!Pneumonia Or Parkinsons?



Hillary has been showing a lot of severe health issue over the past several months such as her frequent coughing fits, showing up late for appearances, the sudden freeze as she’s speaking before an audience, bulging eyes, tremors when several people pose a question to her at once, frequent head nodding, forgetfulness, falling  and now fainting when she was leaving the 9/11 memorial in New York. Each time her staff has come up with excuses for her behavior.

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[/box]After yesterday’s fainting spell in New York at the memorial they said it was from overheating. It was in the mid-70’s at that time in New York and a cool sunny day. This is a woman who wears wool suits in the middle of summer without breaking a sweat. A few hours later they changed it to pneumonia  – yet she emerges from Chelsea’s apartment all energetic and smiling and embraces a child which was obviously staged. She has pneumonia and embraces a child? You need an x-ray to detect pneumonia and she hasn’t had one.

I had a slight  bout of pneumonia this past spring and needed a chest x-ray to detect it so how can they say she has pneumonia?  If she does have pneumonia   and was x-rayed and diagnosed with it earlier why is she at the memorial service? How can she be fainting and then suddenly emerge from Chelsea’s apartment all smiles and lively. What did they give her in there? Her doctor, Dr. Bardex said she was overheated and dehydrated and they rehydrated her and now she’s fine. Overheated in 70 degree weather? It doesn’t add up.

Neurosurgeon   Dr. Ted Noel who graduated from the University of Indiana  Medical School and practiced for 32 years in Florida has been very active on you -tube with explaining Hillary’s situation and he is most definitely  convinced she has Parkinsons based on observations of her actions,  but  said he’s probably right but would be 100% sure if he saw her records.

Her doctor,Dr. Bardack, claims she’s suffering from pneumonia.  But is she? Or does this diagnosis only add weight to the evidence Dr. Noel has presented that she has Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr. Noel notes the symptoms Hillary displays such as the tremors, freezes, forgetfulness, postures, choreiform  movements (head bobbing) and coughing and now fainting spells all relate to Parkinsons. While her staff said the coughing is coming from allergies, Dr. Noel says the coughing is from a swallowing disorder associated with Parkinsons. Dr. Noel said there is no x-ray,  MRI or Ct. scan to detect Parkinsons as it is just by observation.

Dr. Noel points out that her doctor, Dr. Bardack,  said  “she was overheated and dehydrated, yet it was 75 degrees and she wasn’t sweating so where was she dehydrated?  It doesn’t add up,” he said. Dr. Noel said she definitely   has a neurological disorder. BREAKING: DR. TED NOEL REACTS TO ‘PNEUMONIA’ CLAIMS FROM CRIPPLED HILLARY’S DO

I think this is her karma catching up with her after all the evil things she has done. Going after the women Bill abused calling  them names and having detectives silence them, berating  secret service agents, Benghazi, lying to the parents of those  killed in Benghazi, constantly lying to us all, selling 20% of uranium  to the Russians, all the money from foreign  countries into their crooked foundation, eventually it all catches up to  you in the end.

Now Dick Morris says Biden could replace Hilary and he’d be tougher to beat than Hillary. Dick Morris: Biden Could Still Replace Hillary

I’m reminded of that woman who was the mother of a columnist I read months ago who’s predictions never failed and she said Hillary would not run and that Biden would and would  take  Elizabeth Warren as VP and win. Remember this. We’ll see what happens.

Here are two interesting comments I saw:

Bill Jay

Look, put aside for the moment whether one “supports” Hillary Clinton or not.

Is the woman physically up to the task of being President of the United States? It would seem clear that she isn’t.

This is a frail, frail woman, nearly 70 years old who is clearly battling health issues that make it nearly impossible for her to get through a day without episode. Now imagine a day as President! The stress alone would likely do her in.

Again, this is a frail woman, as anyone can see, and the Presidency is no place for frailty.

Walt Tendee 

Bill Jay you are using common logic which any sane, adult American can understand. But we have a problem in the US that weakens the political system. That problem is that we have low information voters who get hoodwinked into believing a candidate who promises a lot of personal monthly benefits is the best choice. They are blind to the needs of We the People. Socialism gets a boost because of these non-thinking voters who cannot connect the dots. We can show them Venezuela and it goes right over their heads. Show them the former USSR; they have no clue as long as they get their monthly trinkets tossed down to them. Hence they are suited only for a plantation style government–a dictatorship. Josef Stalin called this type “useful idiots”. Progressives love useful idiots.

 Check out these this  informative   interviews with Dr. Noel

 Dr.Ted Noel interview – YouTube

Hillary Had Staff Investigate Parkinson’s Drug

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