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Democrats/Progressives Claim To Be The Only Good People, The Remainder Are All Deplorable, They Say.

The Democrats, the party that is tripping over itself in a rush to open up traditionally forbidden voting rights to occupants of federal prisons, for the sole purpose of getting those felon’s votes in the next election, have the nerve to call Republicans “deplorable” because Donald Trump is their candidate for president.  The never-imprisoned, never-investigated, never-prosecuted Republican voters are considered to be the unredeemable dregs of society, while murderers, rapists and thieves who were tried, found guilty and imprisoned for their crimes (and probably always voted Democrat anyway) are the good guys because, given their choice of a career in crime, they can be trusted to vote Democrat in the November election. Maybe Trump’s quip about “Crooked” Hillary is not so far off base after all.

Who are these idiot Democrats anyway?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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