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Clinton afraid to follow Trump’s successful visit with Mexico’s President

Hillary told Mexico’s President Nieto to get lost after Trump visited the leader of America’s southern neighbor last week.

President Nieto extended an invitation to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump accepted the invitation and had a positive sit-down and joint press conference with the Mexican President.

Hillary refused the invitation of a close ally on purely political grounds (yeah, surprise!)

Hillary made-up the excuse that Trump had a catastrophic ‘diplomatic incident’ during his visit to Mexico:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Monday she will not accept an invitation by Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, for a visit after rival Donald Trump created what she called a “diplomatic incident” in his foray there.

Unless your source of information is Reuters, there was no diplomatic incident. Four Americans weren’t killed due to a few bad decisions at the state department, some nation isn’t ignoring an international agreement to limit nuclear arms and no one got preferential treatment from the U.S. government for having donated tons of cash to a foundation.

No, in Hillary’s little world, the controversy is a cover-up (shock… I know.)

But why doesn’t Hillary actually want to go to Mexico? Because .. surprise … she has nothing to gain … at all.

Mexico is a poor country that needs nothing more from the United States than it is already getting – free access to our markets and a a free flow of cash from illegals in the U.S. back to Mexico. Mexico needs nothing from Hillary and Hillary has no way to pry more money from the Mexican government for her family’s foundation.

She wouldn’t be able to do the press conference Trump did without nearly coughing a lung up, she would be forced to answer whether she would build a wall or not (the answer is no), and she’d have to spend time with a foreign leader that has nothing to offer her. ’nuff said.

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