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Which Economic Theory Is Best: Trickle-Down Or Waterfall?

The term “trickle-down” was coined by liberals who wanted to criticize the Reagan economy with a negative description. They wanted to encourage the opinion that the rich at the top of the earnings scale retain most of the profits from their businesses and only a small portion of the profits “trickle-down” to the middle class and beyond.

Of course, the description of the rich getting richer is an accurate one: they have the ideas that earn money, they take the risks by establishing businesses so they are entitled to the profits. What liberals refuse to admit is that the lesser classes receive more than a mere trickle-down income from earnings generated by the wealthy, and in many cases members of the middle class become wealthy themselves by working twenty or thirty years, saving and investing their money, and staying out of jail and obeying the laws. But the most positive aspect of the capitalist profit-making/trickle-down theory is that the wealth and the income from it are sustainable, if government will just stay out of the way, and will support and enrich generations in the future as well as current workers and earners.

The other side of this coin is the “waterfall” theory of liberals in which tax-payers’ money is used to shower non-workers with welfare money and other handout goodies in exchange for the recipients’ votes for Democrat candidates in the next election. This money is wasted because it earns nothing and is invested nowhere. It’s yanked from the system via higher taxes, which hurts businesses and causes higher unemployment as the welfare crowd deprives the system of money to support real job-producing products and services. The only ones who “profit” from this theory are the politicians who get votes from the free stuff they provide the taker class.

Any thinking person realizes that trickle-down is far superior to the waterfall theory, but the likes of Hillary Clinton have benefitted too well and for too long from making fun of the trickle-down term to stop it now, and she wants to continue to profit from the large Democrat-voting welfare crowd, so she will continue to shower the waterfall of goodies on the nonworking, taker class for her own benefit, and meanwhile unemployment increases and the nation suffers because the Democrats will not release the strangle hold that their party has on the taker class within the walls of their evil plantation.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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