Big Government Seeks Lesbians To Become Farmers. Was There A lack Of Lesbian Farmers That Was Threatening Our Food Supply?

Rush Limbaugh recently introduced this government program to most Americans during one of his radio programs, and below are some observations on the government summit that Rush may not have mentioned, based on an article found in the “Morning Beacon Daily Newsletter” on August 16, 2016:

At a time when our liberal government is doing everything in its power to destroy suburban life and corral everyone in big cities where the population can be better controlled, who would expect to learn that big government has for 15 years been encouraging lesbians and LGBT individuals to become farmers?

My question is: what business does government have to spend tax-payer money to push any type of business or way of living? And with a supposed ten-percent of LGBT couples living in rural areas, how does this invisibly small number of individuals rate having tax money spent for their welfare? And where is the proof that they are being disadvantaged in the first place? The program is designed to teach lesbians and transgenders how to get subsidies from the government, kind of like the Obama administration publishing articles in Mexican and Central American newspapers telling these people how to illegally enter the United States and get welfare once they cross our open border. Who are these idiots in government to waste tax money on these things?

Far be it from me to discourage any person from seeking the life they want to live and residing in any part of the country they want to live in, city or rural, but when the government spends my tax money to foster their favorite, privileged groups, I resent it. In fact Ashlee Davis, the head of the United States Department of Agriculture’s rural pride summit, said that the agency is “working very hard to change how people think about rural America…”. What she didn’t say is that our government is working very hard to force our thinking to the things and in the ways government wants us to think.

Maybe clothing companies are backing this agenda in an attempt to sell more mucking boots and flannel shirts to lesbians. I’m just saying. But whatever the motive, the larger population suffers as the privileged, government-favored groups prosper.

And possibly the most maddening aspect of this whole thing is that this advocacy is coming from the USDA’s “Civil Rights” department. Really? Rural farming is involved with civil rights now? What exactly is the relation of farming and civil rights? And are the civil rights of non-lesbians being trod on by their not being able to get such advice and assistance from the government?

One wonders how many lesbians and transgenders would attend these summits, decide to take up the romantic notion of farming, go into debt to buy land and equipment, and then experience financial difficulties because the government was so anxious to push the fabled idea of working the land that they forgot to mention the realities of making a living from farming. There is probably no vocation in which newcomers will work harder and experience more financial and personal hardships than farming. And farming, like any other business, requires that you make an annual profit in order to succeed, and I’ll bet the government decided not to mention the nasty word “profit”. It sounds so capitalistic.

Is encouraging women to move to farms and raise crops and livestock really serving the welfare of these women? Farming 300 acres is not the same as gardening in your back yard raising tomatoes, basil and lettuce, and I wonder how fully informed the attendees of this summit are.

Has the United States passed the point in time when the government will leave us the hell alone to run our lives peacefully as we see fit?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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