Obama Allows An Increased Threat Level To America

Just as the Clinton administration was accused of being satisfied with a certain level of crime in the 1990s to bolster its case in favor of unconstitutional gun-control measures, today it’s easy and logical to assume that the Obama administration is not only comfortable with a moderate terrorist threat level from the Syrian “refugees” they are encouraging to settle in America, it appears obvious that they are encouraging this increased threat of a terrorist attack. Similarly, a case can be made, based on empirical evidence, that Obama can also tolerate an increased nuclear threat level on America and Israel following his catastrophic Iran nuke deal.

The Syrian “refugee” situation is completely lacking in logic and common sense. The State Department claims to be performing “comprehensive and robust security screening”, per the Wall Street Journal, but a moment’s reflection would make a sensible person aware that meaningful security checks cannot be performed on citizens from nations like Syria, which has no functioning local or national government, is in a state of total shambles, and doesn’t much like the United States anyway. So why would they work with us and warn us of potential threats to our security? And how can security checks be made when the entire region is little more than a bomb crater? Then also consider that the Obama administration is rumored to be using the United Nations to make the actual security checks on each “refugee” entering America from Syria, and we all know how fond of America the United Nations is. Letting them be responsible for security in the United States does not give me a warm feeling.

The subject of the Iran nuclear agreement is an even more distressing area of consideration of Obama’s evil intent for America. The Wall Street Journal reports that this year-old agreement has produced “illegal proliferation of sensitive procurement activities by Iran in Germany” regarding nuclear technology, and all of these dealings by Iran “violate Iran’s explicit commitment to go through an official procurement channel to purchase nuclear related materials”. Meanwhile the Obama administration pretends that “Iran has met all its obligations under the deal” and deserves additional weakening of the sanctions against the terrorist state.

Obama honestly and openly claimed to want to “fundamentally transform America”, but it’s also clear that he is not completely uncomfortable with a terrorist attack or a nuclear device being used on America, but has so far left these sentiments unstated. After all, if a nuclear device were to be detonated in an American city it would give Obama the excuse he needs to declare martial law and lock us down absolutely and completely under his total control. The constitution would be suspended immediately. There would be no more elections, no more talk radio, no internet, no more interstate nor international travel.  We would be serfs serving the leader in Washington.

Why does the United States deserve this fool man and his evil intentions towards this great nation?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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