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Prelude to the collapse – When one EBT card gets rejected [video]

Preppers consider all sorts of scenarios that might cause the collapse of society – solar flare, nuclear war, crash of the dollar and so on. In America, the collapse will most-likely come if EBT cards fail to supply the entitled masses with their stuff. This woman is proof.

The video shows a woman destroying an entire store because they couldn’t accept her EBT card (food stamps in modern form.)

Listen to her scream “do y’all job.. do y’all job” as if it’s the store employee’s fault the EBT card was rejected or that the store doesn’t accept EBT.

Imagine the chaos once the government can no longer afford to charge up those cards with other people’s money? It will happen and it will likely be the seminal event leading to the collapse of the current American system.

Entitlements breed entitlement. When someone feels they are owed something, they don’t care who it comes from – but they will have it or someone will pay.

This scene will be repeated and magnified if, even for a few short hours, EBT cards don’t work.

What’s even more interesting to observe in the video is that you hear someone repeatedly saying “call the police” – notice how much destruction is done while waiting for that to happen?

If you can’t protect your own life and property, there will be someone willing to take both from you.

Pepper spray or a taser might have been an awesome answer to this infantile display.

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