Post-Orlando, Obama Resembles A Petulant, Name-Calling Child More Than A Responsible President

Yesterday we witnessed the breakdown of Barack Obama as he made an inflamed speech in an attempt to defend his inattention to America’s terrorist threat from his beloved Islam, a speech he delivered in the back-wash of the Orlando nightclub massacre and criticism he is receiving from all corners for his inability to attack and defeat the people who are killing Americans and other citizens around the world. The LGBT crowd seems to be getting that message, and one hears that they are showing more favorable support for Donald Trump since the Orlando attack because he has the courage and resolve to propose measures that will try to identity and stop the people who have threatened to kill Americans and end our way of life, as opposed to Obama who to this day continues his PC nonsense and will not be the strong leader we need in a time of war, which this definitely is, and will not take measures needed to prevent the gay-hating Islamic terrorists from killing gay Americans.

If Obama were able to concentrate his attention as much on halting terrorist Islamic murderers as he does with his attempts to unconstitutionally take self-defense weapons from Americans, the nation and the world would be much better off and safer. But when a president enters office swearing to want to “fundamentally transform America”, and when he has expressed a love for Islam’s morning call to prayer, while also demonstrating his disregard for the American constitution and the hated “guns and religion” tendencies of the American population’s bitter clingers, what can you expect?

So our Barry is more out-spoken and displays more antipathy toward Donald Trump than he does toward the terrorist murderer in Orlando.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Man on occasion has his ‘true’ self in full sight….this was one of them. Rather than risk censure from this sight, I’ll leave it at that.,,,,UR so right

  2. I habitually seek the smallest basic elements of any given issue. To borrow the title of the song; this is about “Truth and Bone”. You can only warp nonsense to fit cold hard reality so much before you start looking like a fool. Obama-the-Lawless has gone way beyond that! When did humans become so ssssivilized that the planet wide reality – THIS IS A DANGEROUS PLACE – has been mitigated to a thing of the past?

    The simple truth is that our enemies have stated they will destroy us – because they hate us. We MUST believe them!

    The simple truth is that law enforcement at every level is about protecting the LAW – not the individual citizen. If their job is to protect us then they are the most FAILED profession on the planet!!

    To claim to be so immanent that they can protect us is utter NONSENSE – especially when THEY encourage our enemies to come and live among us!! (THINK about this; what blazing, incomprehensible, ARROGANCE to make or even imply such a claim!)

    (Note that the FBI was informed about the Orlando mass murdering ISIS operative weeks before the event by the gun shop that refused to sell him ammunition and body armor – according to the CBS report. You cannot tell me that the FBI, the overly funded, most efficient police force in the world did not know about this guy! And intentionally ignored him! YOU CAN NOT!!!)

    That it has taken some people in this country as long as THIS to begin to realize – vaguely – the above equations is completely mind blowing. (TILLLLLT!) Common sense, to some, is simply quantum physics or perhaps French!

    Here is the ultimate equation of life – The TRUTH will ALWAYS Prevail because the TRUTH is the ULTIMATE force in the entire universe. Therefore when you face the Truth you have no choice but to accept it! Even if the circumstances are that of the man who has stepped off the cliff because he believed the laws of physics no longer applied – that the Truth could just be whatever he decided it to be at the moment!

    Here is another Truth; my guns enable me to protect myself from the bad guys (according to my obligation as a resident of this planet – every creature has the singular right to attempt to survive). When it comes down to cases, it does not matter if you are a criminal, moslem, or President-Tyrant; if you intend to restrict my right to attempt to survive then I have no way out but to fight you – AND I WILL – DIE – TRYING!!!! Why would I even want to live otherwise…?

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