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Liberal Politics of “Identity” And “Deeming” Is A Dangerous And Slippery Slope

In the 2010 mid-term election Democrats went on an insane tear as they prepared to “deem” that Obamacare was law, without taking a vote on the issue, justifying this illegal and unconstitutional proposal because of its importance and pressing need. Fortunately they decided to take a vote and the Affordable Care Act became law the constitutional way, not by edict. But the attempt to subvert law, custom and tradition by Democrats was off to a good start and is reaching fruition these 6 years later with the liberal’s push to get their ideas shoved down the nation’s throat by introducing us to the identity politics of sexual orientation, in which men can enter a women’s restroom because he “identifies” as a woman, or “deems” himself to be a woman, at least on the day and at the time he enters the wrong restroom.

Taking this fantasy attitude a little further down the road to societal destruction, in recent months liberals have decided to “deem” conservatives who deny that climate change/global warming exists to be criminals and they have put forth the warning that change/warming deniers should be prosecuted for their disbelief in the lie of warming/change. In this regard they are taking up the banner of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union’s tendency to silence anyone, via jailing or summary execution, for not obeying the ruler’s edicts, with the logic that all Soviet orders were correct and just. So anyone who denied, criticized or disobeyed them was “deemed” to be insane and had to be eliminated before the insanity of disbelief were to spread to the general population. Where does this dictatorial thinking end? I fear it doesn’t end. This threat of prosecution for holding an opinion that is contrary to the ruling party’s official line is terrorism, pure and simple, and is intended to silence the critics of the Obama administration.

Once a political party or a society place themselves above the law, or make themselves and their pronouncements into the law, terror reigns and all fairness and sanity disappear.

With the current identity politics of Obama and the Democrats, we are one small step nearer to “deeming” that illegal aliens are indeed American citizens because they “identify” with America, and because they are here and want to vote for Obama’s wonderful Democrat candidates so as to assure the Democrat continued, sensible but totalitarian ruling power.

With all of the facts that have been exposed about Hillary’s illegal personal email server and that her mishandling of sensitive and secure emails broke the law as it applies to all Americans except her, I have no doubt that Obama will “deem” her to be innocent because she is a liberal candidate and meant no harm. This would, of course, undermine any pretense of national security and a rule of law, but that’s what liberals/progressives do, at least under the unlawful and unconstitutional Obama administration.

And has the dominant liberal press and electronic media, whose Constitutional responsibility it is to inform the public of events and facts important to their lives, alerted us to the danger involved in liberal lawlessness? No, they have not. But this silence is in keeping with Obama’s and the liberals’ ”deeming” that legal and constitutional restrictions on their actions don’t exist and should be ignored because their actions must be allowed to take precedence over any old-fashioned attitudes of legality and tradition.

Also consider that in the last few days, liberal violence against Trump supporters is blamed on Donald Trump and not the violent perps who were hired by the left to disrupt Trump’s peaceful gatherings. And of course the liberal press is blaming Trump’s spoken words, not the left’s violent acts, for the problem. Trump’s words are “deemed” to have caused the justified violent actions that injured people and damaged private property. This reversal of blame for violence is typical of liberal blame transference to their opponents.

Obama long ago promised to “fundamentally transform America” and he has been successful in achieving this goal. But these final few months of the Obama presidency will prove to be incredibly violent and dangerous for the future existence of America, and he and his party’s surge of illegality and inappropriate behavior must be opposed. When the president of the United States actually states that his allies should bring a gun to a knife fight, we know we have a dangerous struggle ahead of us.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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