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Leftist, PETA Crowd Thinks Gorilla Lives Matter, Not Black Lives

When the child who fell into the cage of Harambe, a silverback gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, was safely rescued after the gorilla was killed, leftists couldn’t wait to start doubting that the correct political entity came out of the situation alive (and I use the word “political” knowing full well what that word means in this morally and intellectually adrift nation). The gorilla had begun acting erratically and seemed to be threatening the safety of the child, so the gorilla was killed.  Most people learning of the outcome breathed a sigh of relief at the safe rescue of the child, but not all.

As is predictable in the erratic, insane and everything-is-political period of Barack Obama’s administration, PETA began decrying the gorilla’s death, while at the same time they seemed to resent the safe return of the child to his mother’s arms.

No one was wishing for the death of the gorilla, but given the threat to the human boy, the outcome of this event is preferable to the possible contrary ending. Leftists seem to have developed an updated version of their black lives matter chatter which has now been revised to: human-lives-don’t-matter.

Unsurprisingly, leftists quickly blamed the child’s parents for allowing the child out of their sight long enough to fall into the cage. This was a moment of clarity and truth for leftists, both for seeming to prefer the welfare of animals over humans, but also because this was a real-life example of black-lives-matter, which at least reduced the volume of the PETA bunch AFTER they found out the child has black parents. OOPS!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. GREAT….JUST GREAT…what a shame that it seems so true. I think these “people” must feel so worthless that any cause is a good cause….At any rate, enjoyed your take.

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