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Why Donald Trump Must Use Vicious, Factual Attacks Against Hillary and Bill In The Upcoming Campaign

Our liberal pals at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post are thoughtfully giving the Trump campaign the very valuable advice to not attack Hillary on Bill’s scandalous behavior toward women and to steer clear of all of the Clintons’ scandals when campaigning against Hillary this election season.

I certainly hope that the Trump campaign will quickly and strongly reject this kind advice knowing that it is being given from a position of weakness on the part of the liberals, and outright fear of what an airing of the truth about the Clintons will do to Hillary’s leftwing campaign. To not attack Hillary from every flank possible only serves her ends and could lead to her election in November.

What we need is for Trump to be “Trump” and continue the method and the tactics that have gotten him so incredibly far in the primaries and made him the most successful Republican primary campaigner in history.

The liberal press is terrified of the power of Trump and fearful of the true record of the numerous Clinton scandals becoming dinner-table conversation, which would destroy Hillary’s campaign for office. Here are a listing of must-dos for the Trump campaign:


  • Honest attacks are what Trump excels at and has been successfully doing for months.
  • Most young people don’t know the truth about the various and multiple Clinton scandals, especially the mistreatment of women that Bill and Hillary have both engaged in.
  • Even liberals are awakening and becoming angry at the Hillary campaign when they learn the truth about Hillary and Bill.
  • Bill Clinton’s impeachment is not known by most young Americans. He lied, as a sitting president, under oath, to a federal judge about his mistreatment of a female White House intern, and every American must be made aware of this. And Hillary aided and covered up for him in this situation at every turn.


Every time the liberal press give conservatives advice to “help” them campaign against a liberal politician, the conservative must totally reject this advice and take the opposite course of attack. The liberal press will never do anything to help conservatives and will only suggest approaches that will aid the liberal. The press is scared of Trump and the things he’ll do as president, and that’s all we need to know to understand that Trump is winning and is on the right course.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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