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We Didn’t Know We Were Going To Have To Take Hillary To Raise

What parent, when trying to correct a misbehaving child, hasn’t had the child respond with the excuse of “well, Johnny did it, too”?

That’s exactly the response Hillary gave after hearing the report of the Inspector General of the Department of State, a report that severely criticizes her for breaking the laws and procedures of her former position of Secretary of State and placing the security of the United States at risk. She claimed that Colin Powell did the same thing when he served in a similar position, but the comparison between Hillary and Mr. Powell are not quite the same. Nevertheless, Hillary has no other defense than to try to blame other people and pull them into the mix in order to extricate herself. And please be reminded that that the IG is a position within the Obama administration, not some wild-eyed conservative waging a “war on women” or a “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary usually blames her troubles on.

Hillary Clinton is an embarrassment to our nation for her lies and her actions that threaten the security of America. When a grown woman uses the same weak arguments and excuses that a child would use to justify her illegal and dangerous actions, imagine the danger she would present if she became president.

Any child that did such a thing would be spanked and sent to bed without her dinner, but in Hillary’s case, she should also be sent to prison.

But probably a more important and confounding side of this whole issue is: how stupid and tone deaf do Democrats have to be to continue to support a lying, misbehaving, immature candidate who will never admit any fault among her many scandalous acts over the last 20 years?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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