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Under Obama, Bridges Are Falling And City Water Is Dangerous, But There’s Plenty of Money For Immigrants And Refugees

Obama got everything he wanted at the outset of his presidency, with the main item being a nearly trillion dollar stimulus that he promised would allow him to solve long-overdue problems like decaying infrastructure and abandoned “shovel-ready” jobs that he claimed the evil Republicans would not allow to be completed.

So how is it that we now see the bridge collapse in Oklahoma City, a bridge closure in Kansas City, crumbling highways throughout the nation and contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan? Weren’t these issues addressed by Obama’s life-saving, economy-boosting stimulus bill that dumb old Joe Bidden was going to oversee to be sure no money was misspent and that no project would go un-funded?

Schools are also failing our children even though the Department of Education gets more money each year from the tax payers, thus allowing it to grow its staff and meddle in local education boards’ affairs, and in turn these filthy bureaucrats threaten school districts in Texas with a denial of funds if they don’t implement the radical and totally illogical Democrat/progressive LGBT scheme to open all restrooms to both (maybe that should be all) sexes anytime for any reason. Add to the schooling issue that fact that Bernie Sanders wants to make college “free”, which will destroy higher education in America, and you have a plan that will assure that America drops off the map as a great nation.

Then we see a great city like Chicago being taken over by gangs that kill frightening numbers of Chicagoans each week, while Obama’s hand-picker Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, dithers and watches black gangs kill each other, and you might well ask: where did all of the stimulus money go that was supposed to create jobs and inspire people to work and not have the time to lay around on welfare and plan the next gang killing?  And while you’re pondering this question, you might wonder why America’s police forces are increasingly being investigated and taken over by Obama’s Department of Justice, while police officers across the nation are being attacked and killed in the newly lawless cities of America. And not even mentioned is the VA scandal, which is treating veterans no better today than when this issue blew up more than a year ago. Obama just doesn’t give a damn about veterans as long as there’s an America left to destroy.

Well the answer to all of these problems is simple: Barack Obama. He would rather fund and LGBT takeover of restroom facilities, and he would rather fund illegal immigrants entering our nation freely and brazenly, and he would prefer to pay to have Syrian refugees flown to America and infiltrate this country with terrorists in their midst, more than he wants clean water and safe bridges.

You see, it’s all part of Obama’s expressed desire to “fundamentally transform America”, and he’s getting away with it while the idiot Senate and House Republicans stand by and watch our destruction as a functioning nation. But the Republicans are doing more than just standing and watching, they’ve happily funded Obama’s evil intents and made no effort to impeach this radical fool for the destruction he’s merrily doing to America. May the see-no-evil, stop-no-evil Republicans be damned forever for their inattention to the harm Obama is doing every day he’s in office.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This is without doubt the most pathetic, piece of slime racist, bigoted, shitstain garbage I have ever read!

    I was right after all, anyone who hates Barack Obama is a racist, bigoted, black-hating piece of crap. that is the only explanation for this type of Hatred, racism and bigotry. And it’s also NOT surprising that the racists and bigots support Trump. He’s a racist and a bigot as well. It’s like Kevin Hart said: Y’all must be “Sick in the head”! and he’s right.
    But they are smart, they aren’t a bunch of hateful racist scumbags that believe EVERYTHING in the world will be better by voting the racist Klansman loving Trump to appease the racists and bigots of America. Donald Trump’s success has “tapped a waiting reservoir of inherent racism” and that there is “a heavy reaction among some of the racially conscious Republicans against an African-American being president”. That is freaking true.

    Wow, this rag really is as ignorant and racist as I’ve been hearing.

    Obama isn’t a traitor or evil. He is just another liberal politician who has no clue how bad his ideology is.
    you still cannot express exactly what “treason” Obama has committed. That’s actual treason, not your own special, ignorant version of what that means.
    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

    1. Well, now that you’ve told us how you feel…..I’m curious as to ‘why’ you attack the writer rather than giving us reason as to what evidence shows otherwise. Instead you engage in name calling and accusations..???? You have a lot of passion and we could use more of that, but if you want company to share your feelings ….we need specific reasons to consider…..Let’s face it, no one is right alll of the time, but to correct possible mistakes, the right answer (facts) are needed.

      My comment is NOT meant to diminish your feelings, I just need a reason to see past the anger. I appreciate your sharing.

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