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Obama’s Criticism Of Trump Is Trump’s Greatest Advertisement

I’m unable to recall a time when a sitting president, like Barack Obama, would interfere in a political campaign from the presidential podium and make official statements attacking candidates by name who oppose his party’s policies (and just wait until this fool man is out of office and see how much he meddles in governmental affairs and how deranged he will become when a Republican successor makes moves to undo his many idiotic “legacies”).  But that interference is exactly what Obama is doing: he’s campaigning against Donald Trump from a presidential podium, with the inflammatory statements he’s making. What our limp-wristed, America-hating president is unable to understand is that Donald Trump offers a nostalgic return to a federal political philosophy of allowing the citizens to run their own business while the government concentrates on the more limited subjects of keeping a strong military stance and a return to economic sanity that will allow America the respect and influence it rightfully deserves in the world.

But I believe his totally unprecedented comments that Trump is not qualified to be president and that foreign leaders fear a Trump presidency, will work to the detriment of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and will instead help elect Trump, because in this year of the political outsider, the one who discards Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s way of conducting government business, especially with Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” mind-set of undermining the institutions that have made America great, Obama’s loose lips will surely sink his and the Democrat candidates’ ships. And considering the anti-America, and often even death-to-America, stance of most of Obama’s foreign leader pals, making these dictators and rogues fear America is exactly what we need in order to get our nation, and the world, back on track. Obama’s dealings with Iran’s Mullahs, Russia’s Putin, and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have all worked to the detriment of America, and I’m glad to hear that they are opposed to a Trump presidency, because I hope and pray that the next president will restore America’s place in the world and stop apologizing for our wealth and our secure way of enjoying it.

Obama’s involving himself in our current political campaign is not surprising given his lawless breaking of duly legislated laws and his stomping on the constitution and its insistence on a rigorous separation of powers. The lawless, lying Obama administration has repeatedly allied itself with foreign leaders who only want America weakened or destroyed and a Trump presidency would reverse that negative trend, which was begun, and then accelerated, under Obama.

In the political era in which we find ourselves, where Obama’s lawless presidency has demonstrated why we need to revert to America’s proven path to prosperity and an allegiance to our constitution, and the vast base of evidence as to why we must reject more of his crony capitalism and the Clinton’s money-grubbing power grabs, Obama’s criticism of Trump only drives more people to support him.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. This ‘sorta man’ stood on foreign soil and ‘promised’ that after leaving office he WILL remain active in policy making activities !!! YIKES! Haven’t we suffered enough?
    When we get a REAL President it might be that some of these ‘mandates’ leaving the room will crush his activist glands on the way out…..

    The ONLY WAY we can “make America great again (I never thought otherwise) is to pull up our big boy pants and get behind the MAJORITY CHOICE of the Party…..The honor and esteem of this grand Nation and THAT MUST COME FIRST……!! Use the next four years to shape up your first choice. Most have waited until election time to pay attention or roll up their sleeves

    Trump is not my choice either, I take solace in believing that he is a Patriot and a concerned citizen
    and not bent on our destruction

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