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Obama Engages In Blatant Racism With Black Graduates At Howard University

Yesterday, while giving a speech to the graduating class of Howard University in Washington, and while performing his patented in-place, loose-necked, side-to-side shuck-and-shuffle stance at the podium, and speaking in a “black accent” that is a phony as Hillary’s “I ain’t no ways tard” accent that she uses when she speaks down to black audiences, our beloved Obama encouraged the black graduates of that university to be proud of their race and, I assume, behave according to their race, whatever the hell that means. But is race really an accomplishment to be proud of? Is hair color, or one’s gender, or the shape of one’s nose, or one’s height something on which to base pride in oneself? I think not! The use of one’s mind and intellectual abilities is where pride and accomplishment come from, not the color of your skin. Mr. Obama once again does a mis-service to the youth of America with his divisive words. Maybe what Obama is really saying is that young black college graduates should not act “white”, should not join a corporation and should not start their own business, as too many whites, Asians and Hispanics do.

Long gone are the days of Martin Luther King and his plea for blacks to concentrate on character and not skin color, of Jesse Jackson’s attempts to get black youth to achieve and be the best they can be in a mixed-race America. Obama, in an attempt to further his divisive and destructive “fundamental transformation of America”, is insisting that blacks behave according to skin color, and that seems to be his prescription for blacks to not become successful business owners and not become doctors and engineers, which Obama seems to be saying are not being black, or at least are not black enough. Instead our president is apparently suggesting that his audience should become more dependent on government and not do the work that financial success in America demands, because that’s exactly the America Obama has created after seven years in office: more dependence on big-government for handouts; more welfare; more unemployment, especially among young blacks; and a poorer population in general whether black or white.

I have to believe that’s the way Obama wants things to be because he’s certainly not encouraging black university graduates to be the best they can be and to use their brains and innate abilities to succeed, become independent entities free of government pressures and influence, and to put racist ideas and identities aside as they proceed with their lives. Obama’s administration has placed many stumbling blocks in the paths of young black people, and they are going to have to work doubly hard to overcome these obstacles in order to achieve and prosper in a post-Obama America, just as the non-blacks are going to have to do.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. our King Barry I, is a reckless fool who has ignored the constitution, and ruined the rules and traditions of our society in the name of a liberal dictatorship that promotes lawlessness.

  2. aha, come on fellows, give the guy? a break…..He’s desperately searching for an identify now that his bubble is bursting….I mean, like, he doesn’t even have a real birth certificate and even where he was considered a favorite son, the Indonesians have torn down his statue. And then there are all of those failed policies…This is mor nough to make anyone tard….

    Seriously, Dave, a very well done piece….

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