Establishment Republicans, And Now Even Paul Ryan, Are Harder On Trump Than They Ever Were On Obama Or Hillary

Even though Barack Obama has taken the nation to the brink of destruction and ruin, and in some cases even beyond that mark, establishment Republicans, including the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, are more severe and critical of the so-far presumptive Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, for his words and attitude, than they are toward Obama for his actual illegal, unconstitutional, anti-American actions. It’s difficult to believe the way our public officials are treating their own candidate and the American citizens that have so far voted for him.

To watch this display playout is the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s true that we really know little about Trump except that he’s been a highly successful business man, and that his message is at times contradictory, but the Republicans were completely silent when Obama spoke of “fundamentally transforming America” and bankrupting the coal and energy-generation industries, and they were largely silent when he moved to actually implement those draconian ideas after his election, and even went so far as to publically tell Obama that they would not attempt to impeach him for his unconstitutional and illegal actions. Then they followed up on promising to treat him nice by passing spending legislation that gave him the money to implement all of the illegal and unconstitutional things he wanted to do. Damn them to hell!

Having done everything in their power to make nice with Obama and not make him mad or offend him, the Republicans are all over Trump for just making poorly phrased statements, the likes of which were never expressed toward Obama and the actual destructive things he has done and still plans to do in the months remaining in his administration.

To rephrase the above sentiments: Republicans have given a specific go-ahead to all of the destructive things Obama is doing, but are savagely critical of Trump for what he is saying. Consider this situation for a while and see if it doesn’t explain why Americans hold their Republican leaders in such low esteem if not actual contempt.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The RINOsaurs are all fine and good with most of the crony stuff going on to the left of them — they frequent the same crony trough in many cases. They’ve even better at allowing for all sorts of political bigotry against anything right of them coming from the left — When the left keeps conservatives of any sort on the defense it just less work for the RINOsaurs. In particular, this allows the RINOsaurs to get away without standing for much of anything, nor do they have to education the populace on issues.

    However, the RINOsores are not so fine with anything to the right of them who want to talk issues and principles of some sort. In most respects this election season has been pretty much all about the mess the RINOsores have created thru their lack of educating the masses about issues. The RINOsores instead are all about collecting crony bucks to make special interest changes in regulations and stuff like that that allow the crony special interests to get ahead of their competition.

    Only problem is both Cruz and Trump have done a pretty good job at exposing the fact that the emperor RINOsores are naked — and given their antiquated senority, it ain’t a pretty sight to behold.

  2. Key word here is RINO. DNP long ago has become 100% infested with Socialists. Obviously, Repubs have found that very attractive. RINO collaboration with Obama&Co is proof. It is nothing less than animals who eat their young & old for their own survival; or like Snake Oil salesman selling Poison for a buck. Might have helped if Term Limits had been in effect long ago, but noting that Congress itself would have to vote it in makes it a Pipe Dream. Bottom Line-We the People have been Scammed in every nook & cranny. The 3-Ring 2016 ‘Election’ is glaring proof.

  3. Well laid out, Dave…..let me extend/interject a little more and address both Judy and Seipherd.

    RHINO….before we can call it, shouldn’t we be able to ‘define’ what a republican is? I, for one, haven’t seen the party set out a clear platform that tells us what republicans stand for in the last 2 decades

    We speak with disgust what the party officials do, allow, go along with. We call them ‘the establishment’. Have we in haste to label or devoid ourselves of responsibility forgotten WHO established, set them in place by our vote (or lack of) repeatedly?

    Trump is a (in my opinion) a vulgar, A moral egotistical so in so, but apparently most (Republicans) choose to live out their anger vicariously through and 16 other good volunteers for the job were allowed to fail.

    Unless the various species of the party unite and put this Nation ahead of themselves we will be rolling down the road to a Socialist existence. Me? A white Obama still beats the Hillary puppet with Soros pulling the strings.

    VOTE “FOR’ AMERICA…..as Geo said…kick ass (Hillary’s)

    to all….thanks for input…we need more like you guys

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