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When Cruz Is Disrespected, I’m Disrespected, And I Resent It!

Ted Cruz’s speech was intentionally silenced last night at the Republican Gala in New York City, while Trump’s and Kasich’s speeches were broadcast in a normal, clear, perfect manner.

Cruz has a message that I personally would implement if I could suddenly become president, while the messages of Trump and Kasich may be persuasive but lack specificity as to what they would do and how they would do it if they were elected.

I and other people who want Cruz to be our next president have been bitch-slapped by the resentful “New York values” crowd who were likely responsible for the interruption, and I resent that they undermined Cruz’s important message.

I hope there is a price to pay for this elimination of Cruz’s ideas to save America, and if either Trump or Kasich were in on the trick, I’d rather see them in hell than vote for them. It’s enough to know that the Democrats would silence conservative Americans if they could, but to suspect that fellow Republicans did the evil deed is disgusting. Maybe this is part of what Megyn Kelley and Trump secretly discussed in Trump’s office a few days ago? Whatever the reason, it makes me fear even more for the future of America and the conservatism that is the only way of preserving our nation’s liberty and prosperity.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I have never looked at this website before, but my respect for Fox News is absolutely over with this Trump support effort. Has America really become this obnoxious, or are the logical people out-shouted? Here in WI and many other states, Cruz has won decidedly by voters, yet has been denied legitimacy. Maybe this is a news source who is not mesmerized by the vulgar,racist, un-American, idiocy which is Trump? He does not represent American values!

  2. First, let me say “welcome, Karen.” This site is full of ‘opinions’ of all shapes and colors with the real ‘fair and balance’ because we don’t worry about ratings. The more contributions (opinions) the better our knowledge.

    I certainly agree with the expressions on Trump. We already have an inflated ego in the WH with far fetched ‘ideas’ as solutions. Cruz may not be the ‘very best’, but his decisions will be thought out and Constitutional ! And law enforcement can do the job they swore to do.

    Forget “New York values”…and work on American values…

    fyi…Scott Walker was my first choice. So called old fashioned values are often best and Wisconsinseems to be thriving according to his newsletters

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